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Runescape Halloween Event

November 11th, 2008 by admin

Runescape Halloween Event

Like many online role playing games, Runescape celebrates real-world holidays in their fictional, magical world of monsters, magic, and heroes. Halloween is no exception. During the Halloween holiday season, players have a few unique quests and events you can participate in. But you have to hurry—once the ghouls and goblins have completed their trick or treating on Halloween, the quests and many of their rewards are gone for another year.

Maggie the Witch

Maggie the traveling witch starts the main Halloween quests, Swept Away and trick or treating. Maggie is located north of Rimmington, and players will find her with her two oxen, Norman and Babe. However, her oxen are sick, and Maggie has to stay with them to nurse them back to health. This means she can't complete either her magical potion or go trick or treating! Runescape members, however, can help her complete both tasks and in the process gain some very nice rewards.

The Swept Away Quest

The Swept Away quest involves helping Maggie complete her magic potion by visiting three of her friend and getting her magic broom enchanted. This isn't as simple as simply visiting the three, of course. Instead, players must solve a puzzle for each witch before she will enchant the broom. The three witches are Hetty of Rimmington, Betty of Port Sarim, and Aggie of Draynor.

The first step is to visit Hetty in Rimmington. Hetty's enchantment involves rubbing her special ointment on the broom, but Hetty is out of ointment and can't make more without some newt. She has some in her basement, which she asked the player to get. Down in the basement, players encounter Gus the Ghoul. He was delivering Hetty's new supplies, but he got the labels all mixed up. One box contains only newts, one contains only toads, and one contains both. Players must figure out which is which so that Hetty can make the ointment.

Runescape Halloween Event 2

All three boxes are mislabeled—players must change the label on each one. Fortunately, Gus will be able to tell players if they've made a mistake, and since there are only three options, even just guessing will work eventually. Once the boxes are correctly labeled, players receive the broom ointment from Hetty.

Betty, the witch of Port Sarim, sends players to her basement to meet Lottie. Lottie is trying to get Betty's magic wand, but it's locked in a treasure chest that's guarded by a number of creatures. Before the player can get to the chest, they have to put the creatures in the correct cage. There are six animals to rearrange, and Lottie provides players with a slate that shows where each animal is, making it somewhat easier. One thing to remember, though, is that animals can only be moved to an adjacent cage, and a cage can only hold one animal at a time. Once all of the animals are in the correct cage, the player received Betty's wand, which she then uses to enchant the broom.

The final witch is Aggie of Draynor. She can only enchant the broomstick in her magical place, but that place is currently covered in sand. The player must sweep the sand away from the magical lines so that they form four different triangles. There are several ways of accomplishing this, and trial and error work just as well as any other method. Once the triangles are revealed, players receive the final enchantment and can return to Maggie.

Maggie can then finish up her Goulash. Once it's done, she offers some to the player, who receives experience towards a skill. Players can eat the Goulash ten times.

Runescape Halloween Event 3

Trick or Treat

Maggie also wants players to bring her some candy from the various trick or treat buckets located at specific locations. Completing this quest three times rewards players with the entire Witch outfit (for female characters) or Warlock outfit (for males). (Runescape Halloween Events and holiday items are located here)

There are three places to trick or treat, and they conveniently match up to the towns the three witches live in: Rimmington, Port Sarim, and Draynor. This makes doing Swept Away and Trick or Treat very easy. Each of these towns also features some really neat Halloween decorations, so they're worth visiting during the event. Players will need six popcorn balls, five pieces of wrapped candy, and four chocolate drops to get all three pieces of the Halloween outfit. Some of the candy drops more frequently than others—players often get chocolate from trick or treating, but wrapped candy seems somewhat rare.

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