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May 29th, 2007 by admin

Runescape is full of fun and exciting items, specially dropped on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Some of these items that were dropped years back in the world of Runescape have been extremely rare, and thus extremely valuable. For example, the Santa Hat of Christmas 2002. When dropped, they were only worth around 30k (30,000 GP) each, but now their worth has soared to the millions! This has been the same for items such as Halloween masks of 2003, and also Easter Eggs. Sadly this trend can't happen with non-tradable items (not fair, I have a Scythe) but, that makes those non-tradable items even more rare even though you can't sell them (yay!).

That moves us swiftly onto the Runescape Party Hat. These were dropped a while back too, and are the most commonly talked about rare item around.

Runescape party hats, often referred to as Runescape phats, were introduced into the game in Christmas of 2001. These Runescape party hats were not actually dropped in Runescape themselves rather they were introduced through the form of Runescape party crackers. These party crackers were dropped in Runescape for free and players were able to pick them up and then use them on other players. Then just like with normal party crackers inside there was an item accompanied by a party hat.
One player would get the item, which was random, while the other player would get the party hat. Now at the time obtaining the item that the party cracker contained was normally far more valuable but within a matter of weeks these Runescape party hats became exceedingly valuable as people realized that there was obviously a limited number of them available.

So with the dropping of these party crackers and party hats a new market was created, the Runescape rare items market. People began collecting these party hats attempting to collect Runescape party hat sets which are basically where a player had all the different colors of party hats, which includes, blue, white, green, yellow, red and pink (purple). These Runescape party hat sets are now worth well over a billion Runescape gold which and there is a very vibrant market for these items.

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  1. lolathon

    I personally sometimes like to compare rare items in runescape to real estate in real life. It’s expensive as heck, but the price always goes up so it’s always an investment.

  2. No1Seen

    I personally think it’s stupid how these people can get so much Runescape gold. It’s not really fair. You’d think a nice generous rich guy would give a noob some gold to get started with or whatever but… no. They have to hoard gold and stuff. I actually give gold out to people and I’ve never had over 2.5 million gold.

  3. Queen

    Well, I think there is reason for us learning the tutorial at the beginning. And that is to learn skills to make our own money. Everyone has the basic skills to start out and when you have figured out what works for you then you make money. For people who begging for money or dont have any… I think is usually just kids who dont know what they are doing in the game and spend their money wildly. Old people have more common sense how to budget their money just like in real life. Do you think all children know how to balance a checkbook? They dont just like they dont know how to manage money in a game not meant for younger people.

  4. Queen

    Correction in that last post. I meant to say Older people not Old People.

  5. gyba15

    hey really want a blue party hat
    can sumone plez give add gyba15
    on runescape. please!!!!!!!!

  6. Quinn

    eh i agree with No1seen, i have massive
    drop partys where i drop like 120k of rune and stuff just for fun of makin people happy. ive never had more than even 400k i only got 378k before and still drop 100k on some drops.its not fun when people lvl 23 that cant lvl for beans say i have a phat so i own u noob.
    im like wtf?u own me? im lvl 71 noob!ur lvl 23! and then they go to bank and put it on talkin about AHAHAHA im rich and ur a poor noob…
    then ur all like ‘huh?’ ‘im the noob??? are u sure????’and they go showing off sayin ‘i could own every1 in this room’

  7. patty 03

    though no-one is stupid enough to do that some noob cud use a lever to go into the wildy or a canoe forgot hes wearing the obby whip or santa hat and he will die

  8. mailboy1391

    you cant get untradeable items anywhere……… i killed a guy with skeleton and rubber chickens and he didnt drop i neeed a party hat too im eeegulu on runescape add me and say hi plz

  9. mailboy1391

    i dunno y im posting so much i agreee with no1seen or something

    queen is right too, but rich poeple should be more generous to the poor.

  10. jess

    Hey I Really Want A Purple Party Hat So Can Some Sweet Person Trade With Me!! Im: candy x girl

  11. devlin251

    i really want a red or white party hat add devlin251 if u can give me one please if u do thank you.

  12. warior 196

    well i agree with no1seen but we still have to do work on our own but then again help the new people out so they can get good armour and some day help you out like i helped a new girl out yesterday and well shes off to a good start now i never had more than 70k i think i only had like 59k max and yes i hate people say that they own me cause they have a party hat or mask or sumtin then i challenge em to wildy and they run like crazy from me cause they are lv 20 and im a lv 65. add me warior 196 if you would like to loot share some time bye people.

  13. 1blood56

    i want a santa hat bc it looks nice on me and ill be its friend and its valuble!=)

  14. cava

    P hats are not too hard to get all you need to do is got to the fally party room and pop 300 bollens then bang you find a p hat.

  15. somepoorguy

    r u serous? u pop 300 ballons in the party rom and you geta party hat?

    does it have to be in one game?
    why dont u do it to make money?

  16. crazy about runescape

    i have 1000 mil on runescape and i give free stuff to poor people but no beggers! But no one sells me there party hat. And to get a free party hat all u have to do is pop 300 balloons? If so everyone can get rich so fast! ‘_’

  17. sunumi sam

    Grrrrrrrrr! dont say that kids are bad at rs im lvl 61 and im only 10 years old. And i have a 16-18 year old freind and hes lvl 50 something.

  18. vitalin10

    sometimes rich people say that they are poor just to get money from other time i saw one player walking with rune scimmy and begging for money

  19. Alec

    What day do the party hats drop? (just wondering)

  20. Pt Cruiserde

    I agree with Quinn on the “I own you” phrase used by low levels.On the game,money and item value don’t mean anything if you actually train your skills instead of autoing for them.Come on,I woodcut about once a week for 1 to 2 hours all together on the game and I only have level 42 woodcutting.Then,a level 3 comes along with a Party Hat and says,”You noob,no one works for their skills.Everyone autoes for their skills.” Those new players that know nothing about the game ruin it all the time.Take the Yew-Lobster-Shark-Magic Log price drop,for instance.It was mostley done by level 3′s who think that money is everything.

  21. eduardo

    i agree with queen

    im a 10 year old kid thats on level 22 i think the most ive ever got was 7k and i cant handle money well i sorta kan like i never waste my money almost and rich people should be nice 2 poor in the game i hate those rich people who say im all that im rich and dont spare 10 cents the fuk bull shit i gave a whole gold armor body set with a bunch of cash just cuz he lost every thing wen he died sometimes i give a bunch of money and stuff 2 random people and beginers i got lucky cuz diz dude died in game and had 7 whole colections of party hats encluding santa so i gave a whole set of party hats 2 my friend on hiz birthday and diz dude who just started asked me 4 some money i gave him 2k and whole colection of party hats and told him wat it was all worth so i hate those people who think they own every 1 cuz there rich

  22. Kerry

    hi! i dont like the people who say “get lost noob, i only have 3m, i cant giv u 2k” whn u die in wildy,
    i realy want a party hat so if u could trade with me, i havnt got as much as u need, but…im kittenqueenk, call me becca. 4 all those new ppl,u can get money but mining clay in varrock mine then using water with it and sell soft clay, trust me, 28pieces gets u 5k =)

  23. coby swingle

    alrighty people 1st of to have a party hat u gotta be addicted to the game the most money i ever had was 4m but i got hacked and lost my full sara now i only got 2.4m so what im realy tryin to say is dont worry if cant get a phat cuz honesly phats are a symbol of addiction

  24. Wade Barret

    no matter how hard you try it is amlost impossible to obtain phats

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