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May 22nd, 2007 by admin

Rare items you say? Yep, it's true; there are items in Runescape that are very rare and worth millions of gold pieces. Take for example a few years back, when the good old Santa Hats were dropped (believe it or not, I had a character back then). They were being dropped all over the place, and were only worth 30,000 GP each. Now look at them, going for millions!

There were also an abundance of other items dropped on special occasions, for example, Easter Eggs on Easter 2002, and the brilliant Scythe on Halloween 2003. Those were the days...

For the more recent players though, there isn't going to be a chance to obtain a very valuable item anymore and be able to sell it a few years later. That's because Jagex have changed the way these holiday items are given out, and I don't think they'll carry the same value now as they have been made non-tradeable etc.

(Gosh, this reminds me, I need to figure out the username to my character with the Scythe!)

There isn't much more to say about Runescape Rare Items really, so here's a little FAQ:

Q: Will there still be holiday item drops?
A: There aren't item 'drops' exactly. Instead, NPCs are apparently going to visit RuneScape during the holidays and hand out a special item. These characters stay in RuneScape for a week or two and will freely hand out holiday items to any player that wants one.

Q: Why did Jagex stop doing those original drops on holidays?
A: Holiday drops were stopped after the "Halloween 2003 Debacle." A great deal of people complained about not getting a Halloween Scythe, and Jagex decided not to have another item drop after that.

Q: How do I get a Holiday Item?
A: In order to get a Holiday item, you need to trade from another player. All tradeable holiday items are quite expensive. Scythes and Bunny Ears are not tradeable, and only people who managed to find one on that specific Holiday have one.

Q: What were holiday drops like?
A: In past holidays, special holiday items would be dropped all over RuneScape in random places and different times during the day. Usually there would be several drops, and people would be running around trying to pick one up.

I'm sure Jagex will have their normal events on certain holidays such as Easter and Christmas " enjoy! " May be you can get some fun, exciting items from them.

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32 Responses

  1. Queen

    Hi. Ya I wish ALL the old drops were tradable too. People think if they become tradable then they wont be worth as much I guess. That is not true because if they are tradable then there is great chance of people dieing with and losing them forever even making them rarer in my opinion.

  2. alice faye

    I’m happy that I can’t lose my fancy clothes. It was a great idea. I think buying useless, expensive hats is no fun, and wish they’d all go away so the craze about party hats, and santas would not make people so greedy. It should be done, just so as to get people to act ordinary. What would the game be like if people’s stuff couldn’t be sold. There was no money for a week? Hmm… interesting idea! A lot more skilling, and less selling. Burning, versus fletching/alching. At least during that time, anyway.

  3. zezima

    alice i think u should try and ignore it jagex wont be allowed to take away rare items fromk people they worked for

  4. Joker

    i think that jagex should bring back some of the old holiday items for the new players like the hats and scarves so many new players want them but cannot get them it’s not fair

  5. Skullboy157

    Hey peoplei got most of the r.s items i got all the holiday itemz why? i bought my Accouint from zezima the acc was a lev 78 WordxxxLife how to get a godsword?

  6. Aktadigfetto

    Zezima is it really you ? Today List How to get a scythe in runescape.

  7. mwc ranger1

    i no how to get holiday items
    santa hat: kill a hi lvl monster on december 25
    any halloween mask: kill a hi lvl monster on october 31
    scythe: go to varrok go were there are a lot of logs use wekean on the logs a if a lvl 22 tree spirit pops up kill it u shood get A scythe

  8. zezima

    omg hi skullboy157i remember givin u that account hoped u liked the stuff on it and akta it is really me yes

  9. fierred5

    omg zezima how much for a party hat i want one so bad my account name is fierred5 and i have been looking everywhere for you. How to get a scythe on runescape?

  10. mailboy1391

    i only want a party hat cuz it looks fun dont be mean to me :( i wish everything was more tradeable and party hats can be dropped by low lvl monsters so the rarity would be taken off then jagex wont have to protect holiday items

  11. mailboy1391

    thx mwc ill try that….. i heard a rumor that u can still get santa hats on christmas if u killed ice giants in wild or something that wont be easy my main was haccked :(

  12. swordcycle

    Hmm, i have a level 57 character, and I like to kill Lesser Demons, if I killed one on Halloween, will a lesser drop a Halloween mask?and if this really is Zezima, could u send me a private message when you are on?my user name is Swordcycle, the one, the only Lol also how to get runescape holiday items?

  13. Poorman_walking

    Hey zezima, can I have some sort of full dragon or whatever? I really dont care if you say no. I just hate how runescape is getting more and more members active. Now just to even try to get the godsword, you need to be a member and finish this quest. This whole party hats and other rare items is kinda gay, because the other players who havent been playing for 4 years dont even really have a chance to get one. Runescape just keeps getting gayer and gayer. Oh, and you scammers out there who are trying to get free accounts, your just being reatarded.

  14. fire ball473

    y do u guys keep asking for stuff dont u think zezima earned it and dont u think it would get anyoing if people always asked you for stuff lol

  15. Madhoy

    Hey if that is u zezima can i have a santa hat lol im not a big fan of party hats and h’ween masks.
    If u do add Madhoy

  16. Madhoy

    fire ball it probably would get anyoing, yes lol

  17. Josephkf1

    hey can anyone here answere this?
    Will there be another easter ring being given out on runescape soon say in 2008? because i love em and i sooooo want one!!! i wanna be an egg =)
    kk thanks if u can answere this!

  18. Theevilone

    i really really wish scythes were tradable. i managed to get one, and still have my account.. and if they were tradable i have a feeling id be really really rich. :)

  19. Theevilone

    mwc ranger.. i dont think those ways to get a scythe, santa, and mask work.. but how high of a monster?

  20. devlin251

    but every time u miss the halloween event or christmas event u dont get the holiday item. because today i got the grim reapers hood and that was alright but people really want the holiday items that they missed on holiday events.

  21. cottenmouth0

    hey does anyone know if there will be any valuable items in october or december, or even for thanksgiving?

  22. Josephkf1

    Cottenmouth0 there should be realy expensive things coming out on christmas and next years easter to be given out and im looking forward to them as well! =P

  23. Kevin Williams

    Items gotten from holidays are no longer worth money… they aren’t even trade able.

  24. sir redrum1

    i have heard many people say that you can go and kill the stuff on december 25 but does it work

  25. jared roberts

    I think that if we could sell the holliday items from the event they would be worth millions like 3-4 years ago the christmas event with the tree and the gift boxes and when you are done you get 4 different types of hats and 4 different types of scarfs. email me if you are intrested to buy my acount for cheap. has lots of the holiday items from 6 years ago besides the rare items. and i tried getting the scythe and i didnt get one.

  26. childlover25

    runescape will u give me 20k plz i need really bad to buy my bf ful mith plz

  27. lonewolf0154

    fill the party chest in the party room full the whole thing up and a phat will be in a balloon

  28. to Josephkf1

    i think theres easter rings given out every year all i no is its south of falador

  29. Pyrosamuria2

    How do u get holiday items this year anyone know?

  30. mailboy1391

    u get holiday items from christmas from making a snowman and going to the land of snow. talk to the queen and u get the item

  31. Sworddude247

    I was wondering how you can get a party hat free from the party room.

  32. iownu101112

    I remember wanting all these cool items and never got them so my suggestion is get your crafting level up and use a chisel to cut onyx you make 100k a stone but you need money to buy a uncut onyx around 2.5mill but for me its no problem cause i got 250mill from doing it lol love santa hats but robin hoddys look hotta

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