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How to make a lot of Money in RS

November 28th, 2008 by admin

Friendly Greetings! I am back once again to tell you the secrets of making a lot of money in Runescape. As you know, making money in Runescape can be hard work, especially if you are using an out dated method. Some people might tell you that you have to be a certain level to make millions of gold. The truth is you can make loads of money at level 3! There are tons of ways to make money in this game. All you have to do is work.

Runescape money making

Since I am on the subject of making money at level 3, let me go ahead and tell you a method that can be started as soon as you get off Tutorial Island. After you land in the Lumbridge Castle, go kill some cows and pick up their hides. Then, go bank the hides. You can bank them in the Lumbridge Castle bank or in the dessert. Killing the cows will also give you some good experience points. This will help you level up so you can move on to other methods. After you get about 100 go to the Grand Exchange and sell them for the minimum price. The minimum price right now is about 104 gp each. (These prices change practically daily, so to know the exact price you will have to go see it for yourself.) If you have 100 cowhides and you sell them for 104 Gold each, you will have made 10,400 gp. That's pretty good for 4 trips to the bank, isn’t it? If you saved them up and you collected 1,000 cowhides, you could make 104,000 gp.

Make a lot of Money in Runescape

Now, that's good money to start you out in the beginning, but getting 1000 cow hides takes time, and 104,000 gp is not a lot. So, if you are a higher level, I suggest doing the Rune Mysteries quest so you can mine Pure Essence. They sell for around 139 each. It is not a lot more, but if you mine 1000 of those and sell at 139 each, you will make 139,000 gp. It's about 30,000 more gold for a little more time. Of course making millions with this way, or cowhides as well, will take time. Any method will take time. There is no instant method to get rich, they all take hard work.

Runescape money making 2

For Pay to Play members, you could go pick Flax. They only sell at 80 GP minimum price. This is because Flax is faster to pick and bank than Cowhides or Pure Essence. 80 GP is not enough money at all. That's why you add another step. Spin the Flax into Bow Strings. These sell for a minimum of 167 GP each. If you have 1000 Bow Strings, that's 167,000 GP. Still a lot of work, but you will get a lot of money as well.

Runescape money making 3

Now, if you want a little bit more money for your work, chop some yews. They sell at a minimum of 440 each. That means 440,000 for 1000 of them. If you want even more money, take those yews and turn them into Yew Longbows. Yew Longbows sell for a whopping 627 each minimum! That's 627,000 for 1000 of them. It takes awhile to make Yew Longbows, but if you are dedicated to making millions, sell 10,000 of them and then retire. (By the way, 10,000 Yew Longbows = 6,270,000!)

If you want even more money than that, then get out that Dragon Axe and start chopping Magic Trees. Just one Magic Log sells for 1,231 gold! That means if you cut just 1000 of them, you will have 1,231,000! Cut 10,000 and you will have 12,310,000!! Magic trees take a long time to cut. As I have said, if you work hard, you can make millions of gold on Runescape.

Runescape money making 4

Now you know how to make a lot of money in Runescape. It's easy if you are willing to work for it. Trust me, that Dragon Long Sword is worth all the work. Good luck and happy money making! Haha!

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