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How to Make Easy RuneScape Money

May 31st, 2008 by admin

Easy Runescape Money

In my days, I have heard hundreds upon hundreds of How To Make Easy RuneScape Money tips. I have also developed some myself that really can work. I will name both mine and others that I've heard so that you can get rich quick. By the time your done reading this page, you should have a great idea of how to get the money for that party hat that looks oh so appealing.

I heard about thieving for money, though it seems like a lot of work, they swear by it. I have never tried this for moneymaking; I just tried it when it first came out. First things first,
You have to have at least level 50 thieving. Therefore, at level 50 through 70, they told me to pickpocket guards 13,684 times to get 410,500 gold pieces. But Still, 13,684 times! That's insane! After this, from 70 to 80, pickpocket watchmen for another 364,529gp, and 9,113 bread. I believe they based these numbers on how many you need for the next level. At level 80, they told me to pickpocket Paladins to make 100,000gp in an hour. But be sure to bring lots of food. Again, it seems like a lot of work for the money, but if you're really dedicated, I suppose you could make a lot of quick cash.

High Alchemizing, or High Alching to some, can be a great money making technique. You have to have level 55 magic to be able to do it, f you have a high enough fletching level, I would suggest making magic bows. One magic Longbow goes for 1,536gp in high alchemy. So think about if you had 100 of them! That's like 153,600gp! Or think about if you had 1000 of them, 1,536,000gp! So, as you can see, fleching + magic = Gold pieces, and a lot of them. Of course, there are other things you could alch to make some money, such as Steel Platemail, which goes for 1,200gp each. Or a Magic Shortbow, that is priced at 960gp. If you need help getting your magic up, I suggest reading this article; How to level your magic fast.

Easy Runescape Money 2

I have heard many things on Mining. For some, it's just a simple thing that plays a very small role in their lives, but others say that everyone should have at least 40 mining. They say to mine 4,731 coal for level 60 mining, and then mine another 59,598 coal to get level 85 mining. When you get level 85 mining, go mine rune in the wilderness and sell for 10,000 to 15,000 gp each. Again, this is a long and hard process, but if you're dedicated the money pay out can be quite a bit.

Easy Runescape Money 3

Now I'm not even going to mention Smithing, Fishing, or RuneCrafting, because these are all great ways of making money, and I don't believe they need explaining.

If you want to kill monsters for a living, I suggest killing Blue Dragons (level 111), Fire Giants (level 86), Black Dragons (level 227), and King Black Dragons (level 276). They all have really great drops. And if you have the stats to fight them, why not?

Easy Runescape Money 4

One of my personal favorite money making ways, I call Item Trading. It's basically like bartering.
You have full steel; you trade that for a mithril plate body and a steel long sword. You trade the long sword for a mithril scimitar. You trade that scimitar for some mithril legs. Then you trade those legs for another mithril plate body. Then you trade that for some mithril legs and a full helm. Then bam, full mith from full steel. It can take a long time to find someone that has something worth trading for, but if you kept trading on and on, you might end up with full rune!

I hope you will try some of these methods, especially the merchanting one. It has gotten me a lot of items in my days. So why not share the wealth eh? Happy playing!

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8 Responses

  1. sum1

    yes u could merchant but whats the point, ur only scamming noobs for ur own profit, i think mining is the best way to do it, and if i mine constantly for about a week i can have made about 800k (depends on what u mine) and ur lvl, dont merchant, u dont get ur lvl up and ur a bloody scammer omg.

  2. Sorion

    True. Although frankly my favorite way to make cash is go to Varrock and mine clay. Then make it soft and sell at the Grand Exchange. Bingo…

  3. nimioshi93

    i think woodcutting is the best(my opion) i have 67 woodcutting level and i’ve been cutting yew logs and imake over 300k in four days!So if you like to use my method great! no one is going to blame you at all (^.^)

  4. grimdeath283

    i personally kill avianese and banshees but since thats only membs id sugest to just mine if u dont have the time and money to kill the m

  5. n00bpwnter12

    nimioshi…300k in four days.. epic fail..i make about 1.2m a day with fishing btw im 96 should try going to the monks church near edgivll and go up the ladder wich requires 36 prayer level or 30 i can never remember… but anyone pick up the robes wich respawn their keep doing untill full inventory go to edgvill bank and put them in repeat many times for 80k-100k per hour good luck all :)

  6. 1easyway

    ok first of all people like me that like to kill things to get $ LISTEN UP! if you dont have the time to get to lvl 60 wc to get yews then i think you should just kill lesser demons.
    my favorite place is karajma cuz i did it for 1 hour and got 18 rune med helms… 11k ea. so get off ur lazy butt and take a risk to kill things!!!!!! thank you for your time :)

  7. luke

    yo do choas druids you can do from lvl 20 + but u may need food and u make about 150k an hour if u got good damage that is and if you tellie if not avout 150k in 2 hours but still good in a week i made 3.7m nice :) thanks 4 ur time there in the dungoin near the hill giants (only members) jus ask around :) thanks cya

  8. Jamieme11

    Hiii guys,
    These are all great ways and most are true but i have the best answer for you if you wish to make millions. If you are level lets say……. 85 or above then get a little food and a varrock tele if you want and an anti dragon shield. Now head north of g.e in the wilderness into about lvl 5 wildy until you see a dungeon, now climb down the rift into the dungeon and head upwards to the portal to the GREEN DRAGONS! I truly believe at level 100 this is the best information i was given throughout my time so far on runescape! Now if you ONLY pick up the dragon bones an inventory by that i mean about 25 spaces filled with bones will sell for about 60k straight away! In g.e , it always sells middle point but cmon , if it doesnt then why not sell lowest, youll still make what 58k+ this will take about 20 minutes an inventory. If you wish to make about 50k in 15 minutes then pick up the d hides aswell as the bones. I personally prefer just the bones. I had made 2m until i heard this now after 3 weeks of doing it on and off ive got 11675k, 11.7m , honestly if you want dosh just trust me and bear with it.

    I hope my advice is usefull , add me on runescape for more information or just chat or watever yno.

    Regards Jamieme11

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