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How to make money in the wilderness

June 25th, 2007 by admin

Earning Gold Points in the Wilderness:
The wilderness, also called the wild, in the game Runescape, might not be the safest place to be, but is a great place to earn easy gold points. Just so that you know, you will not always make gold points in the wild but when you do, it will usually be big a amount, if you use this guide wisely and accurately, or a small amount when you initially start doing this.

This guide will help you by showing you a few possible ways that can help you earn gold points in the wild and once you master these tips, you can be sure that you will do well and start making gold points in the wild. It won't be easy on the first try, but you will eventually become better, because it's not very difficult. Also, this guide will be talking about the Varrock wilderness, so please do not get the other wilds mixed up.

You should be in a world, which has a lot of members in it. It doesn't have to be a crowded world but it should have a good amount of members in there. The more members that are in the world, the greater your chances of more people actually going to be at the wild, and the more you will possibly earn. When entering the wild, you should look and see what kind of people are in there so that you get familiar the type of members and levels that are around you. This will help you to be cautious, that they just do not come up and kill you without you knowing that they were there. Each tip which will be listed below will have a few things that you must watch out for, when entering the wild or while being in the wild.

Picking Up Items:
This is the main way and the easiest way to earn but it's not always going to be the best way to earn a lot of gold points quickly. You have to be aware that these items that are usually on the ground are not always worth a lot. You should always pick up all the items that you believe are worthy to sell and all arrows that you see. The better the arrows, the more value they are. For example, if you find three Mithril arrows on the floor, you can get around 120 GP for these arrows. This is not a lot, but if you stay in the wild for about thirty minutes, then you will be able to pick up many arrows in the crowded wild and earn a lot more than that. Once done, the best place is to go to the Archery shop and sell all the arrows you've collected and to the general store to sell all the other items. If you find any expensive items in the wild, then you should not sell these in the general store. You can lose a good amount of gold points if you do. Instead, I would recommend you to sell your items to other members for the full value, that way you do not end up losing much. Make sure to look for anyone around the same level as you, so that they do not run up and attack you and do not go too far in the wild. Usually the front entrance is the best place to find a lot of people standing together, and you can find a lot of arrows there.

Attacking Members:
This is usually the main reason why anyone would go to the wild, but it's also a great opportunity to earn some good amount of gold points, because if you end up killing your opponent, then you can get everything that they are wielding and carrying around, except for three random items that they get to keep. Obviously you do not want to have a 50/50 chance of winning or losing against your opponent when at the wild, so the best thing you would have to do is ensure that your mage level is high enough to be able to teleport to Varrock first and then bring in enough runes to teleport, just in case you need them. If you find that you are about to die in the wild and you are really far away, and that you have no chance of running away, then you would use teleportation to teleport to Varrock, because this is the closest place that you can teleport, that's next to the wild. This would guarantee you that you go into the wild and come out safely, but you must take some precautions because it's not always easy to spot when you are getting attacked, when you are in a crowded area, especially in the wild. To summarize all this, bring enough runes to teleport and enough food but do not fill up your inventory. Not filling up your inventory, will help you to pick up many items that you find on the ground and also pick up items that you have won from fighting other members.

These two tips will help you earn a good amount of Runescape gold points in the wild. It has been proven by many members and also myself, that you can get a lot of gold points by doing this. I've earned tons of gold points and even rune armour too! Yes, the rune armour is one of the best armour that you can wear and you can sell it for a lot. One of the rune items that I had got in the wild is a rune scimitar, which I had sold for 25,000 gold! That's a lot of gold points just for staying in the wild for a little while. Once you have your inventory full, simply take all the items to the bank or the stores, to go sell all of the items and get all your gold points that you've earned!

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9 Responses

  1. Wolfmaster

    oh, and btw, rune is not the best armour in the game. there’s barrows, dragon, god armour, things like that.
    I’ve got 61,000 and i’m really poor!

  2. lolathon

    I personally don’t recommend the wilderness as a good place to make money. The wilderness is one of the best places to have some fun and forget about making Runescape gold. Fighting in the wilderness is super fun and I love it, but the amount of money per hour you make is slim compared to what you could make with other methods, such as merchanting.

  3. mailboy1391

    teh wild is a horrible place to make money…. you usually lose more than u gain…. merchanting is fastest way lolathon thx for ur comment it works =D never air run guys! quik way to get money is to go to fally in world 16, buy air tiaras for 1k ea and sell for 5k ea when no one else is selling


    its rune scimitar or scimmy not SCHIMITAR hmm and what combat lvl are u?

  5. abbo120

    rite ok so im coming up to lvl 30 attack and defence and i have the money to buy the addy armour i want but the thing is i dont know where to buy it and im a non member.

  6. Seth

    This isn’t good, members pking is way to dangerous with all the pures. Mages will beat you every time if you are a low malee. They are pures that will Sara Strike you are hit very high. Also malee pures who get dragon daggers which are deadly. I say if you’ll make more with buying and selling from the grand exchange.

  7. Chris

    These were ok, but I’m only lv. 25 and want more money. 22k so far!;)

  8. gone is wild

    hi,i got killed by a lvl 57 and im a lvl 66 but he had full rune and a dragon weapon.
    But i added him and met up in the wild.i killed him because i got all of my freind to get him i stunned him and poisioned him with ddp+. i got full dragon armour and 67mil. woooot!

  9. kc4992

    im lvl 95 and wildy is a great way of making money go to a non busy mem world and kill green drags there lvl is around 75 so pack good armor and food if your a low lvl you can make up 60k a trip take about 7.5 mins for me if its not busy

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