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How to Make Money with Fishing

March 9th, 2008 by admin

Many of you will walk into a bank and hear some person shout out "selling 100k swordies!!!!". You probably are thinking how in the world did he catch that many?! Well, that is what you are about to learn.

First, we will start with the basics:
Shrimp. You will have your net as soon as you are off Tutorial Island. The best thing to do, is find a netting place and begin fishing. The best place to fish is at Draynor, which is west of the Lumbridge Castle. There is a bank close by, so fish, and bank. You may want to make a fire and cook the fish, because cooked fish will get you more money. Keep fishing up the ranks. After level 5, move on to Sardines, at 10, Herring, and so on and so forth. If you are a member, level 16 is when it becomes easy. At this point, head on over to Catherby and begin fishing for Mackerel. Remember ALWAYS bank your fish. If you leave them in your inventory, you will soon run out of space.

Make Money with Fishing

Now, once you are fishing at level 40, you will be able to fish for lobsters. They are great money. Sell them anywhere for 50-100gp each. As I stated before, Cooked are always faster sellers. Therefore, you might want to have 40 cooking along with the fishing. Although quite a few of your fish will burn, the more you fish, cook, and bank, the less that will be burned. The best place for the fish, cook, and bank method is in Catherby. It has almost every type of fishing available. Great for those who are trying to level up.

When you are ready for Swordfish, you must note that Swordfish are not going to be fast paced at all, they will take longer to catch. They are great for the HP and great GP as well. (150-200 GP) Trust me, its worth the time and frustration when you sell the first bunch. 100 swordies at 200 GP each is quite a bit of change. 100 swordfish does not seem like a lot, but you will see why they are worth so much, when you get to the correct level, and begin to fish and cook it, you will see why.

For non-members, you have to go to Karamja to fish for Lobby's and Swordies. Obviously, this is a pain and costs quite a bit to go back and fourth banking it. So, it is best to be a member at this point. Unless you are only there to raise your fishing level. You can get to Karamja at the Port Sarim Dock. Once you are there, follow the path, and you will come to a dock. Then go west and you will find a different dock. Prepare to fish.

Make money with fishing 2

Now, you have a lot of fish. You could always teleport to Lumby, but that takes quite a long time to do, and it's all about fast money-making. So the best thing to do, is pay 5 USD a month and become a member. Catherby is perfect for fishing.

The best money is in sharks (1k each). Members only, so again fishing is better if you are a member, as is everything else.

make money with fishing 3

Now, just go into a bank and sell them.

make money with fishing 4

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5 Responses

  1. eeegulu

    No offense but you clearly don’t know how to make money with fishing. real way, fish lots of lobsters. (as many as you can before you die of boredom) then cook em and go to bounty hunter bank. go to a not so crowded bounty hunter world and wait for people to say (buying lobsters max!) sell them and go home happy the only thing is, fishing is VERY slow these days. try mining gold or runite.

  2. rams29221

    Well you have alot wrong with these statements. For one lobbies cost 330gp not 100, and the best thing to do is harpoon for swordies and sell raw not cooked, except for tuna, because anything worth exp with cost more.

  3. Mod 227446

    Clearly u both need to know how to make $… Cooking gives xp, but cooked lobby sell less then raw and are still oon high demand on member’s servers. Obviously if u are a member you should do barbarian fishing.
    You won’t need a harpoon! 55+ fishing 27+ strength and 27+agility I think to start without a rod or anything like that.

  4. richrob2

    dude, u need t get your facts straight. lobbys sell for about 350 each now. the fact that u said fish lobbys at 40, its so slow getting them that its not worth it until 50 to make money. you should double check wat ur going to put up in a guide. think how many noobs u screwed up here. thats all i have to say.

  5. Tiger

    trawler is faster on mems for money cuz in that 12mins u could get over 24lobs and just at 40! My max there is about 100lobs and 50swordies at lvl 59 <!

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