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Make Money with the Grand Exchange

March 17th, 2008 by admin

Before we begin, let's take a moment to learn the basics of the Grand Exchange. When you open the Exchange window, you will see six boxes with 2 boxes in each. One box is for buying, and the other for selling. You can pick the quantity and the price for either buying or selling. Usually when selling, the lowest price possible will be the fastest sell.

Grand Exchange

Let me show you an example. As you can see from the screenshot below, I have three barbed tail harpoons. They are set at the max price (27 gp) and the total gold is 81 gp. I could change the quantity and/or the price if I wanted to. However, I think that is fair, so I will press "Confirm Offer" and then I will wait for it to finish. They will hold your items or money until it's completed. You can always go to any bank and press "collect" to receive the money or items you got from the exchange.

Grand Exchange 2

Now, that you have a basic grasp of the way it works, lets move on to money-making.

Obviously the normal merchanting is always a great way to make money. However, who really wants to sit in a bank for an hour typing "Selling 1k willows!!"? That's what's great about the Exchange. Just take your items and put them in your sell box. Name the price and the quantity will automatically be the number you have. Most of the time it will sell within a minute of you putting it up. But of course, it's not always going to work like that. As in the screenshot below, I'm waiting for them to sell.

Grand Exchange 3

They will not sell as fast because they are not a popular item and they are at the max price.
If I had say, 100 Swordfish, and I put them at the minimum price, they would sell very fast.
Even if they were at the maximum price, they would sell quite fast. Remember, the more popular the item is, the faster it sells.

Another good idea is to buy low and sell high. Say I buy eight swordfish at 375gp each. Then I resell them for 415gp each. I just made 320gp. Sure, it's not a lot, but say I buy 1k Swordfish for 375k and then I resold for 415kGP. See the difference? Of course making money like this could take quite awhile. Just stay patient and it will pay off.

Using the Runescape Grand Exchange is a wonderful money making opportunity. You can have that Dragon Longsword you have been dreaming of in a matter of minutes.

Grand Exchange 4

Happy Selling!

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12 Responses

  1. michael

    How do you make levels fast? i want to know how to make money fast with out selling any stuff? how do you use reall money to make your money in runescape? how much money in runescape is $5.00 in reall cash?

  2. Jonathon

    I’m not a mem and am not gonna pay to be 1. So what should I merchant with 25k? And why do i only have 2ge boxes??

  3. nathan

    Jonathon, Members get all 6 slots, free players only get 2. Its one of the “incentives” to pay 6 dollars per month.

    Until I get your exact non-combat stats, I can’t help you with what you can and cant do with that 25k. Free players really need at least 50-100k to do any real merchanting. But the major things that most members merchant are COAL, SWORDFISH, SHARKS(mem only), and a few other mem stuff.

    I would recommend buying coal, mining the iron, making into steel bars and selling for a huge profit.

    I did the calculation a little earlier, and for me to raise my smithing level from 64 to 70 with mithril bars would be about 6 mil, steel bars would be 4.5. The popularity and necessity of steel is never going to go away.

    Keep a few simple rules when figuring what you want to spend your time with. Example. You can mine the iron, and save yourself roughly 80gp/bar or you can buy it. But if your mining level needs improvement, you would be better off spending the extra time to level that up AND MAKE 80gp/bar more.

  4. hax0r11

    another post from me.. i see f2p a just lame really because u dont get the full efect of the game until u can wear dragon,barrows,and high lv combat range mage armours, there are endless posiblities to making money in members.My opinion its not posible to merch with 25k u just need to get certain skiller stats up such as fishing,woodcutting,mining,smithing,fletch(big moneymaker with yew longs),& herblore; altho there are many more

  5. jonathan

    Hi I’m a F2P and I have 215k I want to try this with. Normally I either pk or kill roaches or something for money. Sometimes I mine for iron and buy coal to make steel bars and sell those. I was wondering if you could help me on what to buy?

  6. relztik1

    Since pvp world came into effect, food and armor has gone waaay up in price. Fish and make armor (from scratch) and sell it.

  7. lyh963

    i dont agreed now the price of cooked lobster have gone down a lot already

  8. Umpisboy123

    I am a swordfish merchant, I’ve made about 1 mil since i’ve been doin it (about a week).
    I must say it takes money to make money.
    I buy them at 9-10gp below market price and sell them at market price, I’ve found this to be the fastest way to turn them over. At around 415gp per fish, it comes down to a 2% profit every transaction. This might not seem like alot, but i started with 1.4 mil, and i’m currently at 2.5mil. So I wouldnt recommend trying to play the GE until you have at least 1 mil.

  9. Rook

    When you are just starting and need some money(50k-ish) i would suggest buying onions and converting them into yellow dye. It makes a profit of about 155 gp per dye sold, sell 400 of em and you end up with a tidy beginning sum.

  10. Roadkill

    Buy lots of Flax, then go to lumbridge castle and use them on the spinning wheel to turn them into bow strings (theres a bank upstairs which is close), you make about 120gp profit off each one so a full backpack will get ya about 3360 profit. You make money very quickly using this method. so from 25k you will pretty much double your money.

  11. AJ

    The best way to get money is to go to the dwarven mines…mine lots of iron and bank it in falador. You get ur mining up plus 100 gp per ore…so for 1000 iron ores u get about 100K

  12. Hazl

    For f2p get 100k buy as many cowhides from ge as you can go to alkarid and tan them then sell to ge for around a 50coin profit ea.

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