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August 14th, 2007 by admin

There are several ways of making money one Runescape. To you, some of these ways may be fun to you and others might not be fun. This article will show you all the ways that you can earn money so at the end; you can choose which one you prefer. Everyone has their likes so this will help you choose yours. There are two parts to this guide and the first part displays how members only can make money on Runescape and the second part displays how both members and non members can make money on Runescape. If you want to start earning Runescape money really quicker, then becoming a member is what you need to do!

Members Only

Picking Up Flax:
1. Absolutely nothing is needed to be able to pick up flax. Go over to Camelot and go down to the Flax area where there's only flax there and start picking them up. Keep going back and forth to the bank.

Making Money on Runescape
(Area where you can find flax to pick up.)

2. Make sure your inventory is empty to make it quicker to get 1,000 flax. Once you have collected 1,000 flax, then go to the same bank which is nearby the flax area and sell your flax's for 100 gold coins each. A total of 100k is earned for just picking up some flax.

Spinning Flax into Bow Strings:
You must have a crafting level of 10 in order to spin flax. If you have a crafting level of 10, then you can start off by either purchasing 1k flax from someone or by picking them up. Buying these will make you save more time and at the same time still make profits. The profits are less though. Simply once you have your flax take them to the spinning wheel and spin them. Go back and forth doing this and after a few trips, you will be completed. Sell your bow strings for 180-200 each, ending you up with 180-200k profits. If you had bought the flax, then your profit will be 80-100k for spinning them.

Woodcutting (Maples):
1. Get a woodcutting level of 45 to cut maples.
2. Go down to the Camelot which has maple trees right across from it. These trees are very close to the bank so it won't take long to walk to the bank.
3. Cut 1,000 maple logs and sell them to other members for 80-100 each. Total will be 80k-100k for all of them!

Woodcutting (Magics):

1. To be able to start cutting magics, you will need a level of 75 which is the highest to cut any tree.
2. Take a rune axe and start cutting them. You can get bored off of cutting as it takes longer than yews to cut.
3. Cut 1,000 magic logs and sell them. Each log is worth 1k! That's a lot of money.
4. Once completed sell them at the bank to other members and earn 1,000,000 Gold coins!

Members/Non Members

Woodcutting (Willows):
1. Get a woodcutting level of 30 to cut willows.
2. Go down to Lumbridge and cut 1,000 willow logs. The bank is right next to you so this makes it quick and easy to store them up.
3. Once you have 1,000 willow logs, then go ahead and sell them for 30 coins each and easily get 30k gold!

Woodcutting (Yews):
1. After cutting so many logs and having your woodcutting level become 60, you can now cut Yew logs!
2. Get a rune axe and find somewhere where there is a Yew tree that has a bank right next to it to make the traveling time shorter.
3. Start cutting Yew trees to get some logs. You will need to collect a about 3,500 of them.
4. Once completed, take all these logs to the bank and sell them to the other members. You can sell all these for 1,000,000 gold coins! Yea, that is a lot of zeros.

Steel Bars:
1. Steel bars are used to make things such as armour. You are going to have a minimum of a mining level of 30 to be able to mine iron ores and coal.|
2. Start out by mining 2,000 coal since this is the hardest part. Once done with this, go ahead and start cutting 1,000 iron ores.
3. Take your iron ores and coal to the furnace and smelt them into steel bars. When completed, you should have a total of 1,000 steel bars.
4. Head over to a bank in Falador and sell each steel bar for 500 coins each! You should have a total of 500k when you sell all of them.

There are plenty of different ways to make money by combat since there are a ton of things to fight. Try fighting the monsters that drops good items and then resell these items. Also, sell when you have a lot of that items. If you are fighting wizards and you keep getting runes, then keep fighting until you have about 500-1,000 runes of each. This will not only benefit you in getting more money but also in your combat levels also.

Mining Iron Ores:
1. Locate the iron rocks in Varrock and start mining them.
2. Mine as much as 1,000 iron ores. This may take time but it's worth it at the end.
3. When your done, take them to one of the bank in Varrock and sell them for 50 gold coins each bringing you a total of 50,000 gold once sold.

Collecting Seeds:

1. Take an axe and find willow or yew trees. You can pick others but these are more effective when looking for seeds.
2. Now keep cutting trees and you will find out that bird nests usually falls out of the trees.
3. Store all you're logs and seeds in the bank. Once you have a lot of them, then sell them all. Seeds are worth a lot so search before you actually sell them to make full profits.
4. Not only will you make money from the seeds but also in the logs too.
(Seeds are worth around 1k-200k each.)

Making Armour:
1. Create as much bars as you can of any kind. The best possible that you can make would always be the best one to create.
2. Take them to Anvil and smith you're bars into armour. Trying making the armours in sets so that it can be easier to sell to people.
3. The prices will vary depending on what kind of armour you make, but if you do make a lot of sets then you can end up with a good junk of money.

These are a few ways that you can make money on Runescape when you are not a member. If you are a member, then you can read part two of this article for ways to make money on a members world.

Second Article (Real Money)
You see a lot of sites selling Runescape gold on the Internet nowadays. It opens up a lot of opportunities for players too, instead of players grinding and using a lot of time making gold pieces in-game to buy the next best weapon, or armour, they could just buy gold online much quicker, much more efficient.
This also opens up opportunities to players to make some real cash too.

These sites also buy gold pieces of players, so if you find a way of making a lot of gold pieces, then you could sell them to these sites and make some profit. Merchanting is a quick and easy way of making money (check our merchanting guide), but it does require some initial investment.

Runescape gold sites normally buy gold pieces in millions, from around $2.99+ per million. This sounds like rubbish money for a million gold pieces, but it's actually pretty easy to make a lot of gold once you reach your few hundred thousand gold pieces.

Not only to these Runescape gold sites buy gold pieces, but they also buy characters as well. If you have a character that is of a high level in a lot of skills, then you could probably get a decent price for it on one of these sites. The best thing to do is offer your character for sale, and see which site will offer the most for it. The problem with this is selling your character like this is actually against Runescape's TOS, so they can ban you for it.

I would recommend you use merchanting in order to make a lot of GP (when I say a lot, I mean in the hundred millions), then sell around half of it to the Runescape gold sites, and then use the other half to make more money again through merchanting.

If you get it right, you can actually make quite a bit out of this method, but mastering merchanting can be a little tricky at times. Sometimes, you can't find the item you want at the right price, or no one buys your items at the price you set for a long while don't worry, tweak your sales prices until you get the right amount where you can easily buy and sell items when merchanting.

One tip when making money in Runescape is to be wary when selling your gold to people. Always find a reputable Runescape gold merchant before selling to them.
Have patience and good luck in your money-making adventures!

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16 Responses


    N00bs buy gold, the decent players work hard on making gold pieces

  2. lolathon

    I agree with the above statement. Making lots of cash in Runescape is easy. Why waste real money on game money when it’s EXTREMELY easy to get anyway?

  3. joshua

    doin stuff like that is aginst the runescape rules,its called real world item trading and account trading/sharing

  4. Olde Dan

    I agree. Why waste real money + your account, when making money in Runescape is extremely easy?

  5. Tristan

    h of fags. Ruins. People actualy do work for the money they use to buy runescape gold. And plus. It hardly effects you at all so stop bitching. Lola. Some people are lazy. Quin. People aren’t selfish because they don’t give you money. Even when they don’t need it. They worked for that money. They may have baught it but they worked for the money they spent. You’re the selfish one. And mods don’t auto ban people who have been hacked. Because there is more to a acount then the items. Dipshit.

  6. umm ya know

    u all are peckerheads…people do wat they want..and ur tellin me u’v never disobeyed ur parents..well ur doin the same thing but on A GAME!!!! No one really cares unless ur a major noob!!!

  7. the tom

    buying runescape items is bad. This is because the bots that make the money that is sold sell their logs, fish, ores whatever they get at an extremely low price… this cripples the runescape economy! Just look at the decrease of the price of flax in the past 3 months!
    If your going to buy something from the internet be considerate and order powerleveling to 75 woodcutting… at least then your working for your money you just kind of got a headstart and your not hurting the runescape economy. Alternatively, you could just cut your way to 75 wc… its not hard.

  8. mailboy1391

    making money is fairly easy to do as long as u dont mind hard work and patience. working with mining, smithing, or fishing is good for making money after about lvl 60+ in that skill. unfortunately, u would have to spend months of brutal time wasted to make a really high fishing or mining or smithing lvl. some people say its worth it and go ahead and do it. good jobs also include air running for non members and other rune running for members. air running includes 2k per run for avergae and 25 noted rune essence. the way u air run is bring 25 rune essence (UNNOTED) and go to world 16. you also need an air tiara or talisman. Tiaras work best becuase u can wear it. if u have an air tallisman and tiara go to air temple and bind it there. (YOU WILL LOSE THE TALISMAN BE WARNED) another way to make money is to make lots of air tiaras or buy for 1k each then sell for 5k each when no one else is selling. This is very profitable for all sellers everywhere and is one of the quickest way to gain money for non members. If you are a member, you get more quests and that means more rewards. also rewards may include free exp and weapons usage. that is perfect for getting rich fast. random events are nice and the best way to get random events are to go to barbarian village. u most have good armor and have 50+ strength,range, or mage. go to second floor and have some fights with flesh crawlers. After about 8k exp gained, (it can be aroudn 1k-8k 9k is garunteed exp) kill a rat and bury the bone. now ur ready for any random event. working with other skills can get u random events and just staying in an area will allow you to gain random events. PKing is a great way to make money when you are around lvl 40+ and ur a pure. always have 25 pray when you are a pure warrior so u can keep ur scimitar or battleaxe or 2h depending on wat u bring. monks robes are reccomended for pures that is all the information i have to offer about making money in runescape because im not a member :)

  9. darkboots

    i have bout a blue phat for 1,000 and i love it!

  10. Jasonharry42

    People who buy gold online r the biggest noobs in the entire world. i actually work for my money, unlike many noobs nowadays. what good do they get out of buying rs items online? they aren’t gaining any stats, and they are hurting the rs economy. don’t they realize that it is already easy to get money in rs?

    for the low leveled noobs, all they gotta do is kill earth, fire, water, and air wizards until they get like 1,000 of each rune, and sell it to grand exchange. they could even just kill chickens until they have like 5,000 feathers, and sell all of them, and all of a sudden they will have like 50k. that’s what i do. (i also kill hill giants and sell the big bones. u can sell ‘em for alot at the grand exchange. it is like the easiest way to make money in all of rs.)

  11. Sarah

    Hey the people who buy runescape gold for real money did work for it. I know i worked for the money i have. SO maybe they didnt work in runescape. But they did in Real life. o wht does it matter. The runescape economy sucks anyways because of the serious glitches that happened in the early days. So igve it up who really cares if the economy on runescape is bad. God it just a game people!

  12. MysteryMan

    If you want to make some mony and your a member, just get decent combat level and start fighting goats in Al Kharid. Go to Nardah and bring like 3k with you. Also bring a pestle and a mortar. So now all you have to do, is kill the goats, and collect their horns. Use them on the Pestle and the Mortar and you get dust. But that’s only optional if you want to make them into dust but I think the horns are more valuable but thats just easy if you can collect like 100 of them and theres a bank in nardah too. Ha-ra!

  13. King Of Sparta

    Well, itz all very well you all saying that ppl who buy rs gold are the biggest noobs in the game, but how do we know that the ppl who are saying that they work for their money dont actually work for it and they just buy it of the i-net. Im guessing im right. anyway, whats up with all the critisism about buying rs gold on the net, its not hurting you, itz not hurting the ppl who r buying it, itz not hurting the ppl who are selling it, so why are you bloody worrying about what other ppl do. if you’re so intent on working 4 ure own gold, then why don’t u stop posting on this sites and others, stop harrasing ppl who DO buy rs gold, and go work on ure stupid whateva way of making money. then every1 would be happy!!!

    Besides, i would much rather have a godsword and full dragon from the money i purchased off the i-net than waiting for months while i cut willows or yews or fish!

    Well i guess thats it,,,,

    Peace out Y’all

    This is King of Sparta, Signing off!


    i agree with sarah it is just a game and there was that duping thing in runescape classic so the economy is ruined already so let them spend their money on stuff for a game i dont care sarah is right.

  15. It's elementry watson

    does this work with the new runescape limits or has it stopped now?

  16. GOD

    dude the best way to get money is just to go and cut willows or go kill hill giants and get their bones. (for non mem)
    for members, well find it. go back to non mems
    if you are low level in every thing, then cut normal trees or get silk from al kharid and then go to GE and sell for a profit. its goodfor noobs.

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