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Making Money With Yew Longs

November 5th, 2007 by admin

Throughout Runescape, making money is possible in millions of ways! Another way that you can make some quick money is through high alchemy and I mean you can make a lot of money when doing this. The other option is to get all the items and sell them. It may take some time to do but the amount of coins you get in return will be quite satisfying.

You can either high alchemy or low alchemy your items that you create but I suggest you to high alchemy all of them instead. Doing this will bring in more money and help you save more money at the same time. To start making real money with this, you must achieve the minimum requirements.

Fletching: 70
Magic: 55
Mining: 1
Runecrafting: 44
Crafting: 10

After achieving all of the requirements, complete the following the steps below to start making millions!

1.) You will start off by cutting 2,000 yews. It will take a while to get all of it but the best way to do it is cut 1,000 and then go to the next step. Once you complete all the steps, you can do it again.

2.) Now with your fletching high enough to cut yew longs, fletch all your logs to yew longs (u).

3.) Head over to Seers Village and pick up 2,000 flax.

4.) Take your 2,000 flax and spin them into bowstrings in the spinning wheel.

5.) Use the bowstrings with the yew longs (u) to make them into yew longs.
(Skip this step if you prefer to sell your items instead at the end.)

6.) With your Runecrafting level high enough to make nature runes, you will need to head over to Varrock and mine enough rune essences to make 2,000 nature runes. Without these, you will not able to high alchemy anything.

7.) Have a fire talisman with you and then you are now done with getting all the items needed to high alchemy all your yew longs! You can either high alchemy or sell all the items needed to make them.

8.) High Alchemy 2,000 Yew Longs = 1,360,000

9.) 2,000 Yews = 660,000
2,000 Bowstrings = 400,000
2,000 Flax = 200,000
2,000 Natures = 440,000
Total = 1,700,000

10.) Above you can see your return for which you are choosing to do. I would highly suggest you to go with selling all the items since you can make a little more. In other hand, you can avoid having to search for buyers and high alchemy all the yew longs.

Congratulations on making your money the legal way! Repeat these steps again if you would like to be a multi-millionaire on Runescape!

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