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Making Your First 500k GP

June 16th, 2007 by admin

Throughout the beginning of the game, Runescape, the hardest task to earn will be earning your first 500k GP without having to cheat the system. If you want to earn this much is focused on getting this much GP or twice this much GP, then this guide will be perfect for you.

There's a little bit of everything from mining, cutting trees and even by making runes. Below, will be listed different types of things that you can do and the amount you need to do in order to get a step closer to the 500k GP goal.

Making Your First 500k GP - 1
(Above is a picture while mining. Simply use the World Map to find all the available places to mine.)

  • Requirement: You must have completed the Rune Mysteries Quest and have any kind of pickaxe in order to this step. The better the pickaxe is the sooner, you will be complete with this step. Also, you must have a mining level of at least 15.

Mining is many people favorite way of earning gold point's through Runescape. This of course is a great gold points earner so you would be able to benefit off this by taking the initiative to do this step. If you feel that this is not the right type of job for you, then simply skip this one and do the next thing. Please keep in mind that if you do skip this, then you would have to do twice the work on the next step to earn the 500k GP. Mine the following items and the listed amount for each item. Simply try to receive at least 250,000 GP through this to move on to the next step.

  • Iron Ores - Mine 2,500 Iron Ores.
    Sell Each: 50 GP Each - Total: 125,000 GP
  • Rune Essences - Mine 4,170 Rune Essences.
    Sell Each: 30 GP Each - Total: 125,100 GP

You can find quick buyers by moving onto World 1-5 and going to a Varrock bank. Simply post that you are selling these and you should receive many people wanting to trade with you. Make sure that you take no less, then the suggested price stated above. You will most likely be tried to get ripped off by users trying to buy it for less but do not sell it if they are not paying the price listed above.

Making Your First 500k GP - 2
(Above is a picture while woodcutting a Yew tree. Simply use the World Map to find all the available places to woodcut trees.)

  • Requirement: You must have a woodcutting level of 60 in order to do this step.

Woodcutting is another big gold point earner in Runescape. It has been proven that many Runescape players are able to come up 1,000,000+ GP in less than a month so why not try this. The best way to earn gold points the quickest way is to work your way up to being able to cut Yew logs. These can be sold for around 200 GP each!

  • Yew Logs - Cut 1,250 Yew logs.
    Sell Each: 200 GP Each - Total: 250,000 GP

You can find quick buyers by moving onto World 1-5 and going to a Varrock bank. Simply post that you are selling these and you should receive many people wanting to trade with you. Make sure that you take no less, then the suggested price stated above. You will most likely be tried to get ripped off by users trying to buy it for less but do not sell it if they are not paying the price listed above.

And now you're completed! Congratulations. You've earned 500k by working for it and not having to cheat the game out. Simply if you would like to do the woodcutting step or the mining step only, then simply do the step twice and you got 500k!

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40 Responses

  1. Santas death

    weird glitch on member world—
    get a normal dragon daggger-then-get a Dragon dagger(++)super posioned–then get 2 str potions 2 red dyes-3 red spider eggs-and 2 hard leather—and
    BOOM! you go to a smeting fernis and put ur dagger in it and u got ur own santa hat its very weird!

  2. Escablade

    It took me forever to make my first 500k; but now, it just seems like a piece of cake.

  3. lolathon

    Your prices are off. A player who knows WHERE and WHO to sell his products to can get 100-125gp per iron ore and 300-340gp per yew log. I personally recommend browsing the forums on the Runescape site and finding a buyer there. Lots of wealthy player go to the forums when they want to buy something, which means lots of profits for you.

  4. allen

    well i am a lvl 105 now and i made my 1st 100k it took me 3 days as a lvl 3 then i just go and buy willows for 25gp ea then resell for 30 ea then after i had 175k gp then i got my 1st full rune set and resold for 185k then i just started buy full rune peaces for as cheap as i can and re sell for 180k ea
    ok to start this get 165k and buy the rune stuff like this (full rune helms 20-25k ea,rune pl8s 50-53k ea rune kites 40-43k ea and rune legs 40-43k ea with all max of my prices it will not cost u more then 165k a set then resell for 180k)do this over and over agen i have a little over 15m now

  5. Humeami

    When you got your fist mill, go to world 1. Then go too West varrock bank. Go stand behind the back, it’s probally crowded here with people selling sara, zammy and guthix full. Buy a set in the evening, and sell it in the morning. you’ll make like 200-300k profit, after a few you can buy 2 sets. Etc..

    golden tip: when you’re a member and you see there’s a new item, immediately login and get it(not by buying of course) people will sell it for sick prices. Even 100 mill. Sell your item(s) as fast as possible. You’re now ready to buy a party hat setxD

  6. patty 03

    eh….i just like runecrafting smithing mining etc etc a good way of makin money is too get smithing up so u can make rune long but worth it

  7. sam

    i always learned that you should stick to a skill…even if you have millions..stick to it..another way is limpwurts (i think i aint played in ages) find a high level player with high level herblore and ask “Would you be intrested in being some limpwurts?” and bang ull have 100k+…ps: is that true santas death??has it been patched??

  8. nate4tigers

    here is a good way to make money. im a not millionarie on runescape but i have a friend who if you send it to me i will send it to him he has alot of money and im sure he will be glad to give some rune armor or dragon armor whatever. he is a member im not so notify me if you are a member or a free world player so he can decide either to rune of dragon armor. OR Give you YOUR FIRST 500k. good luck on runescape.

  9. volcano726

    i play on runescape and i find it sooo hard 2 make money iv started the mining and i quite like it but i have a mage pure and he juat eats money thn i have 2 buy more runes and lol i no its stiupid but i h8 runecrafting if u have any free rune or non-memebr stuff add me on volcano726 or p u r 3str07

  10. micro667

    i only have full mystic how do i get 2mill in 10days

  11. micro667

    my mum says she has no idea i really need the money if eny 1 wants to donate money to then thank you

    im lvl 65

  12. ccmmll

    where do i get rune staff and how much does it cost i am poor i only got 10k :(

  13. Draco Ginny

    Guys, the only way to make money is with hard work. Yeah, the word hard is in there but trust me, it is worth it. The highest amount of money I have ever had (incuding items) was aroud 200k. But Like I said hard work. One option is to mine, second, wood cut, third fish. Those are what I am going to do. Also, do not use bots or marcos or anything and don’t listen to ANYONE who says that they will give you money. They will NOT! Just work hard, be nice and most importantly, have fun!

  14. draco guy6

    thos tips r good but i just use fish 2177 and to get the 30k I get 30gp go to karamja do the banna thing 100 times that is 1000 bananas. hard work for that awaiting riches.:)p.s. my useername is draco guy6

  15. draco guy6

    i mean i use his strategy

  16. fhmgh

    i have only 480k and i need 3 mil but how i get that so fast?

  17. mailboy1391

    i told my friend mailman1391 about the santa hat cheat :) now hes gonna try it thank you fish add me im eeegulu ill be ur friend :) im looking for friends too
    i know how to get rich fast :) go to fally world 16 and bring lots of tiaras and air tallies… make lots of air tiaras or buy them for 1k ea then sell them for 5k ea when no one else is selling air tiaras for lower… sometimes players will buy for 10k ^^ keep on the lookout good luck my fellow pkers and money grabbers.

  18. weirdal184

    look i make my first 500k in like 5 hours buy cutting yew logs and selling them for 250gp ea its really fast and easy if u need help add weirdal184

  19. michaelver01

    This is the best way to earn lot of money like 400k – 500k in just 5-6 hours! this guide is can be done if ur a member or not this is it, 1st, you must go to a non busy world,put all of ur stuff in ur bank!(ur inventory must be cleared), 3rd, go to the cow place in north-west of lumbridge,4rth collect cowhides,5th ifu have ful load, go in ur bank then deposit it, repeat many times! 6th if u have like 1000 cowhides or 700 cowhides, log out, go to busy world with 1500+ players, then sell ur cowhides like 100 gp each, if u have 1k cowhides, u sell them 100 gp each, u will earn 100k instant! see? i ahve 10m in doing that in just 1 week/16 hours a day! hahahah! add me! michaelver01 ty! hope it helps!

  20. ikke

    first train your woodcutting till level 60, that’s quite easy. then buy a rune axe, if you have rune axe and 60 wc go to the yews and chop 2K of them. than you sell for 600K

  21. king cesar10

    im trying to make money i only have 830gp but i always cut trees fish and mine but nobody buys my stuff. i went too world 1-5 and still nothing could you help please i am king cesar 10

  22. Megger6

    I need K i been on 4 like a year and total amount propaly 10k total!what should i do?

  23. dead

    smithing when u have 500k buy 1k or 2k coal (or mine it but u can get bored) and buy 500 or 1k iron (or mine it) then smith them.. and sell them to 555-600gp each bar. i hope help you in ur money moking process.

  24. Godzilla

    Get 80 woodcutting and cut atleast 300-450 yews and sell it to the Grand Exchange. Get 85 mining and mine rune ores. You should get 700k a day.

  25. nathan

    well those r all good ideas, keep up the good work. But i have found a easy way…1)clear your inventory 2)go to the cow field kill a get about 100 cowhides 3)then go to Al Karid and tan all of your cowhides(1gp each) 4) sell them repeat as many times as neccesary u get about 7k each time any questions add me 35carbon

  26. akshay

    you can make it easyer if you are like lvl 32 and kill giants they drop big bones and they sell in the grand exchance for about 374 gp each and now i have 103k gp it works i did it.

  27. huskerfantic

    thats right i got 115k off that

  28. scyther530

    The only true way to earn money is to invest time in 1 or two skills. I would recomend woodcutting and mining get 70 woodcutting and 70 mining so then u can cut yews which sell for like 350gp each now. Or alternatively mine addy ore which sells for 1k each. Commit to one or switch between them and u will be rich sfter u put some time into it. U can only get a higher lv and that just makes the work faster. After u get a good amount of ore or logs, sell at grand exchange. They both sell really fast.

  29. Cheowxianghu

    This is what I did to earn my money. Before the 3k update, I merchanted by buying black g sets for 300k and selling them for up to 450k. After the update, I started to Woodcut. Woodcutting is good especially when you’re around your 70′s. I cut about 300 yew logs a day, which earns me a clean profit of 120k. I currently have 7.4m and 80wc, and I should be able to afford a Santa Hat by 89 wc (around 10k yew logs)

  30. Jt_Pk133

    I earned 200k in 1-1 and a half hours by killing chaos druid ( cb 13) in the edgeville dungeon, and they drop tons of grimmy herbs. Ranarr is the best drop and could worth 6k, but they mainly drop herbs like grimmy irit, grimmy avantoe that worth 1k.

  31. osubucks74

    If you are a member this will work great. You mine full inventory of pure essence and make a ton of money off of that at The Grand Exchange.

  32. hilfmir

    buy flax for 95gp each..spin into bowstrings….sell for 177+ each
    4k flax is about 230k..once sold it will be 708k… and it gives 60k exp in crafting

  33. wooden67

    i do green dragons im lev 94 i earn around 54k an invo from d hides and bones plus an hour i earn 300-400k i get rannars i take full rune and abby whip with a dds for spec take food ANTI FIRE DRAGON SHIELD IS A MUST!!!!!!! take couple lobbys just incase look out for revvys they hit 28+ take games neck(8) this is how u get there: u right click scroll down on games neck then click operate/rub then click clan wars then once u got an invo full u rub/operate and click bounty hunter (bh) then run down path they a bnk there repeat procces as many times as u want. the more u do it the more cash they also good xp i recomend lvls 80+

  34. scion

    I pick up 100 swamp tars from lumbride swamp and sell them at the grand exchange for 18k k, this make about 200k an hour

  35. all the rage

    i kill baby blue dragon and take there bones and sell for 823 at ge and make 21,235 and make 178k and hour.

  36. MysteryMan

    Just go to Nardah in the Al kharid desert and bring 3k with you for flying fees, all that stuff. Then just kill the goats until you have like 100 of their horns and then just sell them and there’s a bank in Nardah too or you can just bank 500 horns and then just sell them at the Grnad Exchange later and make over 500k.

  37. Fog856

    this is how to make 2mill in 10 days its simple


    ok for you id reccomend buyng cowhides in ge if u have enough cash like 500k ull make 1m in 1 day after u spend all ur money on cowhides make into soft or hard and sell that hard or soft leather back to ge ul earn a good profit.


    i bet ull have over 300k by now if u dont just pick flax about 5k and sell ull have easy 400k then once u did that in ge buy flax sell whole cash and make to bowstrings u can make 1mill in a hour if ur quick

    MEMBERS (2)


    dragons this is the most easiest way to make cash if ur high level kill dragons green or blue id go with green get both hides and bones
    and sell thm off range and mage pures id recommend blue ds cause green dragons revys irritate

    F2P PLAYER (2)

    if ur above level 30 or 40 then go with hillys srsly this wont help u get 500k or big amounts but itll help u alot if u want ur rune set
    if ur not use to ombat theres one more thing wont work always but it works go to world 1 dwarven mine and ask fr need free iron just go in and go north a bit peple will give u 28 pieces of iron for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  38. 60 Father

    I got my first 800 gp by killing anything that got in my way. Btw, did u noe that going to a busy world and when others kill goblins, you pick up the stuff that they drop (If others don’t pick them up) and keep doing until you have lots of goblin mail, etc and sell it to the shop. They will buy the first for 16 gp, 2nd to etc for 14. There u have lots of gps!

  39. sns8thstreet

    fishing shark is a good way to make money to but u have to be high lvl fishing and sordys shark are 400-600 gp sordys are 300-500 good money good luck

  40. Cheat

    I have 102M and a red P-hat

    How I make money is:
    I buy 5 Sets of Saradomin Armour (L) and wait 3-5 days, It usually rises 10k-50k ea
    (once it rose 1M+!)
    And now im rich =]

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