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October 11th, 2007 by admin

Runescape is completely centered on making money and GP. You won't get anywhere or have any fun unless you have a decent supply of gold. We want you to make cash as easy as possible, even if you are a newbie to RuneScape. So, we'll teach you how to get progressively larger amounts of GP. If you're a newbie, concentrate on the first few steps of this article. If you are a more experienced player, or even a seasoned veteran, skip to the end of this article. You may find a few tips that surprise you.

First, you need to start off small. We'll teach you how to make sets of 30 GP each. Go to Karamja and ask Lutuhs for a quick job. Luthus is a nice guy and so he'll give you a job of getting bananas and putting them into crates. For each crate you fill, you make a cool 30 GP. Make sure that you go back to him to get your payment. You can fill up as many crates as you want. We recommend filling up 10-100 crates. After you have 300 to 3000 GP, you'll have easier methods of making money.

Now you have some cash, you should retrieve some flak. You can either buy it or get it yourself. Turn it into a bow string. Bow strings sell anywhere from 100-200 GP each, and you'll probably be adding 50 GP to your bank account for each sale that you make. You can repeat this process in large numbers, but it's probably best to move on after a while.

Now, hopefully, you have some decent money and can buy a weapon or two. Good, because you'll need them for this next one. This one is pretty to understand. Find Lesser Demons. Kill them. You can use pretty much any rune weapon against these demons, but my personal favorite is the axe. Demons have a low defense level, so it should only take a minute or two to finish them off. Make sure that you have food though! Lesser demons tend to drop great items, like mith chains and more. You can keep these for yourself, or sell them off for a nice profit.

Now, you are ready to make some serious cash. You're going to pick up easy runes. Get into the wilderness, and make sure that you're armed. You won't need to fight much for this, but things tend to die in the wilderness. Get into the East Runes. It must be the East Ruins! Now, look at your map. Notice a color difference? Walk around the border of the color difference, and avoid any random giants that are coming. Now, you'll see red dots on your map as you walk. These items are chaos runes, and they are literally everywhere. If you're really lazy, you can find one, pick it up, and wait 15 seconds for it to regenerate.
Or, you can keep walking around the color border. Pick up some quick cash from there.

Thanks for reading! Good luck!

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5 Responses

  1. bluesnake71

    Good guide for newbies. Very bad one for seasoned players.

  2. UPSET

    After 5 years, RC is still the best. Being over 91+ for 3 years now. Runecrafting is one of the few skills at which you can still obtain enough money to buy a phat. Other then staking, slayer and now the trial items.

  3. dead

    if u realy want to make money smithing is the answer smith steel bars and sell them to players or in the grand exchange for 555gp ea. and u will making a good profit. cya

  4. Marie

    i made 25k for selling redberry pies it cost 400 dollors each i love cooking yay me *claps*

  5. diego darker

    i love cooking to!flame on and i cook sword lvl 99

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