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Runescape Millions

June 15th, 2008 by admin

Runescape Millions

Are you out looking for great Runescape money making tips? Well, I'm sure you have come across some things that are not quite, what you were after. Fear not, for your quest has come to an end. In my years of playing, I have seen many things. I've seen Runescape evolve, I have seen prices go up and down like a roller coaster, and of course, I have learned many techniques from many people along the road for different things. Because today your here for that chance at Runescape Millions, I think it's only appropriate to give the tips that the big shots use.

You know who I'm talking about. That guy hanging by the bank showing off his dragon armor. No, these are not just rumored glitches that boost your money to millions, and no, they are not hacks. The secret to Runescape Millions is hard work, and patience. Simple, isn't it?

When I had first become interested in getting a lot of money, I learned all about cowhides. It's quick and easy. Grab a sword and head to the cows by Lumbridge. Kill as many as you need for a full inventory, and bank them in the desert. (Its much easier if you have done the Prince Ali Rescue quest and can get through it for free, if not I suggest walking to the Lumbridge bank, which is a little further.) After you get a couple hundred, stand in the desert bank and sell them. The last time I sold them it was around 150gp each, I am not sure how much they are now, I suggest checking the Grand Exchange. If you have a thousand cow hides, and sold them at 150gp each, you would get around 150,000gp. This was great money, and if you kept it up you could get a good million out of it.

Runescape Millions 2

I have also heard a good deal about flax. It's easy to get, and you can make quite a bit of cash from it. It's only about 3gp to sell to stores or to alch, but if you sell it to players, you can get around 100gp per flax. This can get quite a bit of cash in your pocket when you get in the 1000s. If you got 10,000 flax, and sold them at 100gp a piece, you would have your first million right there. It of course will take quite a long time, but if you really want Runescape Millions, its going to take time.

Runescape Millions 3

If you're a good miner and smither, then I suggest you try out making Steel Bars. These go for about 683gp a piece at minimum price in the Grand Exchange. (Prices go up and down almost daily.) Therefore, if you were to make 500 Steel Bars, you would get something around 341,000gp. Make 1000 Steel Bars and get around 683,000gp! This is a money making secret I have only heard by one person, and he certainly had the right idea. If you were to sell 500 bars at the maximum Grand exchange price, which is 753gp, you would get a little around 376,500gp. Ok, enough about Steel Bars, ha-ha.

Ah yes, coal. It is such an over populated money making skill, that the prices are only around 200gp an ore. So I suggest you take that coal and make Steel Bars. Just a little more effort gets you a lot more in return.

If you have a mining level of 85 or higher, mining Runite ore is the best thing for you. Don't worry about loosing that rune pickaxe in the wilderness! Unlike the rumors tell you, there are quite a few more places that you can mine it. There are two rocks in the Heroes Guild, one inside the Lava Maze, there are some in the Mines east of Jastizo, in the cave that leads to the Light Temple, and of course the Wilderness. You can also get them from Rock Golems in random events. Its around 12,000gp an ore if selling to a person.

Sell 100 Runite ores, and you have about 1,200,000gp. Sell 1000 Runite ores... and you get something like a whopping 120,000,000! Of course mining 1000 Runite ores would take a long time, the reward is mighty.

Runescape Millions 4

Now that you have learned a little on Runescape Millions, why not get out there and make some? Ha-ha, Happy Playing!

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24 Responses

  1. Derek

    Nice guide, I would suggest editing this bit, numbers are wrong :) “Sell 1000 Runite ores… and you get something like a whopping 120,000,000! ” I believe it’s meant to be 12M.

  2. Lord Of Man0

    Yes, best thing I can say is to mine iron ore, buy the coal (2 per ore) and make steel bars. Then make them into cannonballs. Cannonballs go for 232gp each but each steel bar makes 4. Thats 982gp per bar :)

  3. bog624

    if you are lvl 120 you can kill dragon blue and black you get 2k for blue dragon hides. by the way i am a lvl66 in rune runescape but i have had 579k. for black dragon hide 2-5k each .and you can get lots of coins but in runescape rune ore is realy not werth buying or geting for killing. your slef no way if you are a noob, and can make mithril arrows. make 300 get 10-30k. if you want coins fast go to camlot and get 1,000 to 100,000 of falx and sale it.

    I know you get alot for flax 120coins to 150coins for each to buy form a player.sell at ge you get 100coins to 110coins lol. Now if you want coins bady min rune ess get 4000 rune ess sall it at ge you get 300k to 700k. i will see this blog more dude. bye and if you need more tips add me or say on this website for tips.

  4. Simon Harris

    This is a good guide, maybe you should add that you can kill hill giants that are not a particularly high level ( level 27-28) but they drop big bones, you can sell these for 400 each making each full inventory over 11k they can be found on non members worlds also in edgeville dungeon but it is normally very crowded.

  5. Mujtaba

    All I would say is that this is not the best way of making money for newbies. I would suggest to get 85 mining for runite ore. I am a lvl 91 player with 18m+ and I havent made money for a while.. I’m almost 85 mining. Noobs can make easy money by running airs, or cowhides, or tanning cowhides,, or with a little effort to make steel bars.

  6. fireball2355

    i suggest u kill coak roach soliders[are be hide the new school in runescape.but frist u most get the saftey emote when u get that u also get lamps that guve u exo for an skill] they lvl 83 but im lvl 58 kill them no problem they drop aton of rune item i got 1k rune scimmys thats 15m.

    You can kill green dragon last time i cheak they r lvl 89 but things chage selll there hides for 1k-2.5k.

    You need to up date ur price on steel bars 1000 of them r 350k-500k not 753k and the newbies u can get job form people around lumbrige.

  7. Red Devil

    who will buy rune ore for, or do i have to sell them in a genaral shop, and how long will i take if my miming is 32.

  8. zok163137

    ive found that a really good way to make money in to kill green dragons (lvl 79) in the wildy (wildy lvl 20-25) they drop hides and bones, which together is like 5k, they also drop rune daggers. i made 1m a day from this, buy yes it does take time, in addition im lvl 88, so… yea.

    Another good way to make fast cash is wat fireball says, but u cant get 1k rune scimis in a short time, it would take like 2 months, maybe longer, just keep all the drops, and sell in the g.e. min price, and ull be on ur way to richness finally, the way i went from like 200k to 1m, was big bones, dropped by lvl 29 hill giants, they drop mainly coins, but occasionally laws and natures, and limpwurt roots, pick all of these up, and ull make about 10k every trip, you will need a brass key to get to them tho. They are underground in a little abandoned house across the the river (fishing spot) in barbberrian village anybody can add me, illl be happy to help u in any way, unless u start begging for a chunk of my 6 mil. ;)

  9. j. pittman

    i have found that when i was a lower level ” around 60 ” collecting blue dragon scales in the dungeon west of falador south of taverly. is a great way to make money being each scale is around 700 gp. you can get well over 100k in an hour

  10. Anonymus

    i think the idea with flax are good.. but don’t sell the flax.. i know that this may take a little longer but make them into bowstrings they sale for like double of flax price. i’m not quit sure but they are like in the doubles of flax..=) also buy them from ge, and then make them to bs that will make good cash.:)

  11. grockstar

    hi u got a nice guide but not are so easy like i got 86 slayer and i kill like 100 abyssal demons and don’t drop whip plz need some help send me 1 mail mi user name in r s is grockstar plz send me 1 mail cya gl ;) .

  12. Michael F

    Well ive been playing runescape for about 4 years now. I’ve learned lots of ways of making Money but i’d say the best way is Choping mages 1.2k ea at ge just yesterday i sold 104 logs for 141k! I Also make battlestaffs ive made about 50m off this! but it takes time

    I also kill Blue Drags i keep hide and bones then sell at ge.
    i wouldnt recomend black drags unless u have 75+ range or 70+ mage(DO NOT USE MELLE or YOU WILL GET OWNED!-.-)Also killing metal drags is a good way…They drop Visage which cost about 19m in ge.

    Another good way is buying the flax at ge then spinning it to make bowstrings i should know i have 99 fletch and ive made lots of bowstrings!LOTS!

    So yeah these are sum good ways to make money!(ONLY KILL METAL DRAGS IF U HAVE GOOD DEFENCE,MAGIC,AND RANGE!)

  13. eddy

    A good way of making money is to go to the stronghold of security and kill those skeletons with purple flesh. they drop better stuff than the cockaroaches.

  14. Johnny

    getting your fishing level from 1 to 55 can be achived in 3+ days
    Get your fishing to lvl 40+ by drop fishing for salmon next to the barbarian vilage, and then head to catherby to fish for lobsters, wich is handy cause the bank is like right next to the fishing places.
    NOTE fishing is very boring and can get very teadious.

    Lobster prices do not vary so much and can sell for as little as 330gp up to 350gp, another way is yew trees, 400gp+ each lvl 60wc required, dragon wc axe verry handy for lvl 61+

  15. weed head

    A good way of making money is , as was mentioned before(at least i think so) killing kalphite queen. I’m just kidding. a good way of making money if you are a member is sowing d hides into sets that means you turn about 5k into 10k and 10k into 20k.

  16. swordkid155

    was up my favorite way of make millions on runescape is simply get limpwurt roots of of hobagoblines i got about 13k in 1 inventory anouther way is just to simmply fish swordies and save until u have about…….800 sowrdies or more this is only my opinion so try if u like =]

  17. hi im ico

    the best was is to buy about 10000 mithril ore and about 40000 coal and make it into mithril bar i did this i spent 1.2mil on coal and that and when i sold the mithy bar i got about 2.6mil great profit but i think u shouldnt do it cause it took me about 3 monthes to make all the bars

  18. M3RcH3R

    okay the way i make money is unicorn horns sell for about 1k and that means full inv. is 28k!!! right next to barbarian village, im a lvl 136 and i have 1.1billion in my bank

  19. tyler

    hey do you no how to make good money in p2p besides grimy ranarr which never sells or magic logs that take long to get or hunting polar kebbit fur that doesnt sell either or unicorn horns no one wants to buy because they no where to get one for herbalore.well thats all gonna change with flax!!!!!!!! pick flax in seers village and spin it in seers village and then bank it in seers village.and u will have 28 bow strings if u have nothing else in your inventory. each inventory is 5.8k and in 30 minuntes u will have 100k not by watering clay to get 100k the good 100k in 30 minutes trick with bowstrings. and the good part is they sell fast so i hope u like it!!!!

  20. Hircine

    Wtf? Are you kidding me? Most of you say over 100k in an hour… that’s… pathetic. I make well over 500k in one trip of hunting. Lots and lots of Camelot teleports, and one Varrock teleport. Go catch Kyatts or Polar Kebbits. Teleport back to Camelot… bank the furs… go North… catch more Kyatts/Polar Kebbits… teleport to Camelot… rinse and repeat to make millions. Then sell it all on Grand Exchange, after teleporting to Varrock. Its really easy… but its members only. Oh well, f2p, oh well. I’ve gotten several million a day (5 mil+) by doing this.

  21. moneuy

    i make about 500k a day without even playing for more then 10 minutes, how how!>!>?!?!

    okay well, i do my own buying and selling in the g.e. this is how i started. i had 500k. i got that from mining coal. long time. after that, i did another boring job of flax and bow strings. after that i had about 1.5 million.

    so this is where you make serious money without effort. you invest.

    so i invested 1.5 million in redberries that were dropping severely in price. i invested when they started to drop less and less and then i bought them when they neither droped or went up. then i waited two days. price went up like 30 gp. thats alot!!

    with 1.5 mil, the redberries were about 250. 1.5 million divided by 250 is about 6000 redberries.

    so every gp it went up thats 6k. so 30 times 6k is 180k i got without effort. then i sold them and made 160k. then i invested in something else and slowly the more money i had. in about one month of steady investing i got 8 mil. then thats where you make the most money because the more money you have the more u make from investing.

    l8r guys

    tell me wat u think

  22. noodlepie

    Well, M3RH3R is right! unicorn horns are a good way to make money. But, you can get many more by killing unicows. they always drop at least 2 horns, and up to 4 plus a satchel! this way, i got my dragon 2h and dragon armor. medium-low players can make money fast, as unicows are only level 25 and only require a simple quest, The Tower of Life.

  23. sheildbounty

    the easiest way to make money. alot of people make fires at the grand exchange right, so collect the ashes from the fires and sell them. u can sell them for 60gp each at the grand exchange.i made 100k in 30 mins. and alot of people make fires at the grand exchange so there will always be ashes there.i collect a full invontory of ashes (28) in 1 min.

  24. OceanCurrent

    I grow Marigolds. They sell for like 4k each.

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