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July 29th, 2007 by admin

The firemaking skill is rather a pretty simple and easy to gain skill level. Here's a little table that shows you the level requirements in order to cut these most common logs.

Codes --- Level Requirements:

Normal Logs --- 1
Oak Logs --- 15
Willow Logs --- 30
Maple Logs --- 45
Yew Logs --- 60
Magic Logs (Members Only) --- 75

Provided here is a step by step guide on how you can bring up you're firemaking skill. There is only one way to doing this but you can still do it differently to save time or money. Everything will be explained below.

1. If you have enough gold coins, then I would suggest you to buy the logs instead of cutting them to save time. In order to save money, you can cut all the logs yourself. You can either start by cutting all the logs that you will need or you can either purchase it from a any store or any member. If purchasing from members, make sure you check out the Runescape Forums to find if any members are providing cheap logs in big amounts. Depending on you're level, collect about 1,000 logs of which is the maximum you can do. For example if you are a level 1 firemaking, then you would start off by collecting 1,000 normal logs.

2. To light you're logs you will need a tinderbox. You can purchase these from almost any general store and if you already one then you can head over to the bank. Clear out you're inventory and take one tinder box and 27 logs. Simply go outside the bank and lit them all and continue to do this process until all you're logs are gone.

3. Once you're 1,000 stack of logs is all gone, try and see if you meet the required level for another type of log to save you a lot of time. The better the log, the more XP you will be rewarded each time you burn them. Now if you did meet a new required level, then go ahead and buy 1,000 stack of logs for the next log. You will be spending more gold coins or time when collecting these new logs as it takes more time to cut them the higher you go but it's worth it when you're earning more XP per log you burn.

Given here is two ways to bring up you're firemaking level. Either by cutting all you're logs that you will need or by buying all the logs that you will need. It will get boring as you get higher but it will be well worth it once you can burn yew logs or magic logs (if you are a member).

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  1. mailboy1391

    im first comment :) this is sweet :) anyhow firemaking is fairly easy at first to lvl….. but like all skills, it gets tough after lvl 50

  2. Josephkf1

    hey mailboy what lv r u anyways cos i need help with money and need money desperate could you help me out?

  3. Phaz

    Lol I’m level-99 Firemaking and it feels good to have it after about a month of woring on getting it. I had to burn 93K Maples for it though. x.x

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