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How to Level your Magic Fast

March 12th, 2008 by admin

I am sure you, as most Runescape players, envy those people out in the wilderness firing firebolts like there is no tomorrow. On the other hand, perhaps you want to take the Greater Demon down with ease? I'm about to teach you a secret most people will find odd and pick on you about, but it's brilliant.

We will start our training NE of Port Sarim, where the wizards reside. Bring along mind and air runes. It's cheaper to use an air staff instead of purchasing air runes, this way you only have to purchase mind runes, so that's a better way to go. Trust me, no matter what level your mage level is, you will want to use wind strike. I know the wind strike is he weakest spell but trust me, the secret will pay off.

Runescape Magic Level

Get your staff ready (if you are using a staff) with the wind strike spell. Only target the Air Wizard! It's immune to the air strikes. The strikes will just bounce off, but you will get all the experience points. It's also a good idea if you are a lower level to wear some anti-magic armor (ranging gear preferably dragon hide).

Runescape Magic Level 2

Now, if you want to level up faster, (though it will cost quite a bit more money) you can use higher spells, but be sure only to use the spells on a wizard that's immune to the spell you are using. (Example: Fire Wizards are immune to fire spells; Water Wizards are immune to water spells, etc :D ) Otherwise, it will damage the wizard, and will not become a never-ending battle. This battle will continue until one of these happen: You run out of runes to cast the spells, and therefore kill the wizard with melee, or the wizard kills you. It might be a good idea to bring along some food, seeing as even the strongest player will eventually become weak during battle.

Runescape Magic Step 2

It's really a matter of how much time and money you want to spend on it, but I guarantee the results are mind blowing. I'm sure we have all heard of the "level 50 mage in one week" scams.
Trust me, this is no scam!!

Runescape Magic Level 3

Sure, it takes awhile, but would you rather spend endless hours clicking on zombies across the river in Varrok sewers? I doubt it.

Runescape Magic Level 4

I rather like this method; it makes many noobs say things like "Perhaps if you used a different spell it would work better" or "Hey noob! What are you doing? You won't kill it with that!" I just tell them I'm using a secret and keep on with the never-ending battle. It leaves them puzzling and mad.

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5 Responses

  1. ber352

    i think u r going to help lots of people, im trying to get 75 magic fastly, i think im going to do the wizards cheat, really thank you

  2. Tyler Hartt

    This is not very good advise as it gives very slow xp for higher levevls. Use this untill you can camelot teleport then camelot teleport over and over untll level 55. After that use high alchemy untill you are lelvel 99.

  3. RobertGreen

    I think a better way to level your magic is to go to the third floor of the wizards tower and attack the lesser demon in a cage. You can attack him for a long time and he can not attack you back.

  4. jdvl291

    first get it up to level 35 and buy 600 chaos runes 1 staff of air and 1000 fire runes it will gost about 15k then buy a brass key and go east of the ge and youll find a building unlock the door and go down the latter use fire bolt and kill hill giants and sell there bones and keep doing that

  5. mr.logan

    w0w i got 43 mage and i train on g-demons and ankou in the wild i wear mainly full guthix w/ air staff and cast air blast,while theres no mage bonus but they hit like 80s only on me and my def is 52 but cb is 64 and it works

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