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Runescape Armor

From Bronze to Rune to God, Armor makes the game interesting. Bronze is the cheapest and weakest armor that you can get. Rune on the other hand, is one of the best. Both in Free to play and pay to play. Although there are better armors out there, Rune is the most popular. Because of its cheap price, its availability, and its power, Rune is considered a favorite among most people. Some of these "better armors" include Dragon, God, and Gilded. Some armors are not for protection, however, but more decorative. Such as castle wars armor. Very pretty, and One of them looks a lot like dragon armor trimmed in blue, though its almost worthless.

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Not all armors are made of metal. Some are made of leather, dragon hide, or even cloth. Many items we think of are in fact armor that we don't think is armor. Gloves and boots are armor. Shields are armor as well. Granite is a popular armor. It's very expensive and very strong.

Armor is different for each type of player. I will list some of the armors and whom they are for.

Armor for warriors include: Bronze, Iron, Khazard, Steel, Black, Mithril (or mith for short), Temple Initiate Armor, Adamant, Proselyte Armor, Rune, Granite, Dragon, Crystal, Barrows, and Lunar.

Armor for Mages: Elemental, Splitbark, Mystical Robes, and Ghost robes.

Armor for Rangers: Leather, Hardened Leather, Studded Leather, Snakeskin Armor, Green Dragonhide, Blue Dragonhide, and Black Dragonhide.

Some decorative armor's are: Golden Helmet. Spiny Helmet, Bearhead, Desert Disguise, Chompy Hats, Pirate Hats, Highwayman Masks, Cavaliers, Berets & Headbands, Bunny Ears, Halloween Masks, Party Hats, Santa Hats, Chef's Hats, and Eye Patches.

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These are just some examples of the many different armors out in the huge world of Runescape. Runescape has many different types of armor to offer. For members, the selection is ever growing. When every new item comes out, they are cheap. But as in real life, if you will get it and hold it for awhile, it will eventually be worth a lot of money, especially if it is not circulated as much, and its a one time get.

Let's talk more about Granite Armor. Most armor consists of the Plate Body, Plate Legs, A helmet, a shield, and a sword. Granite only offers you the shield, helmet, body, and legs. The legs are dropped by Skeletal Wyverns, The shield is dropped by Troll Generals, Ice trolls, and Ice troll runts, the helmet is dropped by the Terror Dogs, and the body is available from the Barbarian assault mini-game.

Granite armor requires 50 Strength and 50 Defense to equip it. Other than Range and Summoning, it is actually a little bit less strong than Rune, but still has higher defense stats. Granite armor is also known for being much heavier than other pieces of equipment.

Granite armour lowers your Magic by 50 and your ranging by 38. Nevertheless, its defense bonuses are +269 on ranging, +124 on summoning, and in the hundreds on the attacks. It is indeed the best armor to fight rangers.

The prices for Granite armor are as follows,
Granite helm: 255,000gp - 283,000gp
Granite body: 163,000gp - 182,000gp
Granite legs: 1,122,000gp - 1,242,000gp
Granite shield: 69,000gp - 78,000gp

These are the market prices; you may be able to get it cheaper, if you have someone that really wants to get rid of it. These prices seem expensive, but if you compare them to dragon...

Dragon med helm: 80,020gp - 88,450gp
Dragon sq shield: 661,000gp - 731,000gp
Dragon chain body: 9,742,000gp - 10,768,000gp
Dragon platelegs: 920,000gp - 1,020,000gp
Dragon full helm: 42,119,193gp - 46,552,793gp
Dragon plateskirt: 160,000gp - 174,000gp
Dragon boots: 329,000gp - 364,000gp

As you can see, Runescape Armor offers you all kinds of endless choices for happiness. From the nooby bronze, to the best-known dragon, all the way to granite, and then back over to decorative armor you will want to get all you can.

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