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September 4th, 2007 by admin

Attack is one of those skills in Runescape that everybody needs and wants, without attack you wont be able to hit very high at all, also you wont be able wield any strong weapons without attack. Attack is one of the few skills that will raise your combat level no matter what type of character you are.

Don't think that attack is only good for killing monsters, attack is also crucial for player killing in the wilderness, if you go Pking without attack you will have a lot of troubling killing your enemy no matter what level they are.

Now that you know what the skill attack is all about I bet you're wondering the fastest and most efficient way to raise it fast.

Note: To get attack experience you need to be fighting with the fighting style called Stab or Lunge.

1 - 15: If you're free to play I would suggest killing chickens in Lumbrige, chickens never hit you so you shouldn't die, and you can sell there feathers for 10gp each so you can make some cash. Members should train on rock crabs on Waterbirth Island, rock crabs have 50 HP and never hit.

15 - 30:
All the way from 15 to 30 free to players should be killing cows either in Lumbridge or South of Falador. The cow pin south of Falador are closer to a bank, being closer to a bank is very helpful because you can sell the cows hides for 100gp each. Members should still be killing rock crabs.

30 - 50: From 30 to 50 free to players should kill Hill Giants in the Edgeville Dungeon; you can either bury the big bones for prayer experience or sell them 400 each. Members can either stay at rock crabs or go to Hill Giants if you need prayer experience.

50 - 80: This is where it gets hard, but I think free to players should still train on Hill Giants, or go to Moss Giants. Members should stay at rock crabs, or kill Green dragons and sell the bones and hides for about 2.5k each.

80 - 99: Its almost impossible for free to players to get this high but some have, the best way would have to be killing ice giants southwest of Port Swamis. Members can keep killing rock crabs, or train on various dragons of there choice. Also Hell Hounds are nice to train on if you want level three clue scrolls.

Ok, so now you have a super high attack level and you're wondering what cool weapons you can use, well here is a list.

Level ------------ Weapon
1 ------------ Bronze
1 ------------ Iron
5 ------------ Steel
10 ------------ Black
20 ------------ Mithril
30 ------------ Adamant
40 ------------ Rune
50 ------------ Granite
60 ------------ Dragon

Now I think you're ready to go out there and fight all those monsters and gain some great cash and experience!

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11 Responses

  1. ccmmll

    where can i sell 30 cut sapphires for 1k each and 1000 cosmic runes for 50k?

  2. mwc ranger1

    at the vorrok bank

  3. mailboy1391

    varrock is the best place to sell anything =D except for lobbies…. if u want lobbies go to edgeville (for those who dont know where edgeville is, go west of varrock bank until u go past bridge… then head north) =D hope this benefits future players

  4. shawn

    nice lol ty for the help im trying to make a pure att but i dont know where to kill and train right now

  5. terry5432190

    ok attack is a useful skill but if you dont have str with it your gonna get owned in wild

  6. daniel12345

    ive been with my guy for 4 month and his overal is 1124 he is 92 combat and this guide is awesome i used it for def str and attack and my attack is 70 my str is 80 and def is 70 and i stared out as a lvl 3 noob 4 month ago!!!

  7. Phaz

    Lol nice skills and comments. I am a good play here too. Atk: 80 Str: 89 Def: 80 HP: 85 I love my character! =P

  8. cool dude

    can some` tell me an acc pass they do nt want thats a high lvl with cool stuff plz

  9. diego darker

    you guys so dump most important is the def and str and att. Because if you have 60 def you can’t owned by a player or your str is 70 its so awesome the max hit is 18 in rune scimitar and 20 in rune battle axes if you have 60 attack you can attack better. flame on!

  10. Sponserthis

    i suggest having your strength about 5-10 lvls higher than your attack and def. ive been doing that until i became memb but im going back to it.also if you can get a whip, use it to train attack with( either at rock crabs or expiraments).

  11. Octoberser2 or Octoberser4

    If your Attack Level is 1, there isn’t much of a choice for a weapon. Try an Iron Scimitar. Weak, but fast. Kill some cows North-East of Lumbridge. Drop everything but the Cowhides, because Cowhides are a whole 100 coins. After you get a full load of Cowhides, go back to the Castle, climb the stairs twice and put the Cowhides in your bank.

    At Attack Levels 5-10, do the same thing. At Level 5 use a Steel Scimitar. At 10, use a Black Scimitar.

    At Attack Level 20 you should get a Mithril Scimitar and this time, go to Pest Control by going to Port Sarim, and get a ride from a Squire.(they are located at the dock above the one on the bottom) After getting a ride, go a lil South, and climb on board the ship! If you beat the easy game, you earn Pest Points. Going a tiny bit North will bring you to a Void Knight. Exchange with him and buy Attack Exp.
    When your Attack Level is 30, you know the drill. Get a Adamant Scimitar and keep training at Pest Control.

    At 40 Attack (congrats) get a Brine Sword or Rune Scimitar. Both of ‘em are great. As usual, stay at Pest Control. When you’re 60 Attack, beat the Lost City quest. You should use a Dragon Longsword or a Dragon Scimitar. At 70 Attack, get your hands on an Abyssal Whip and fight at Pest Control.

    Tips- Always use an Amulet of Strength or, if your a member, use Amulet of Glory. Both of them will make your attack stronger.

    If you want to get Attack Level higher faster, go to Control Pest. If you want money, you can kill other things. Like Chaos Druids, they are around Level 13 and can drop Ranarrs, which are worth like 3k. Chaos druids are easy to kill and have great drops.

    You don’t know how to play Pest Control? Well, all you gota do is aboard the ship and go East, South or West. There would be NPC that attack you, kill them. But, when you can attack a Portal, kill it quickly. The object of the game is to destroy the Portals. And to keep the NPC in the middle alive.

    NPC= Non-Player Character

    If you don’t know where to sell or buy any items, go to the Grand Exchange which is West of Varrock. Talk to the Grand Exchange clerk. If you still don’t know where the Grand Exchange is, check on your map by typing “Grand Exchange”.

    Warning:If your at Pest Control and playing the Mini-Game, DON’T WORRY! If you die, you lose no items. But if your not in the Mini-Game, you can die and lose all of your items. Be careful and good luck!

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