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Runescape Fishing

May 19th, 2008 by admin

Runescape Fishing

Fishing in Runescape is quite fun and easy. To start fishing, you need something fishing equipment. You get a net from Tutorial Island, but if you wish to use something else, you can always buy equipment from fishing stores. My favorites are in Port Sarim and Catherby. If you want to fish for specific things, then you will need to fish at specific areas. Any area with sparking water is a fishing spot. However, before we go into that, let me explain what the fishing equipment is and what it's used to catch.

Net: Used to catch Shrimp, Anchovies, Karambwanji, Giant Frogspawn, and Monkfish
Fishing Rod & Bait: Used to catch Sardine, Herring, Pike, Slimey Eel, and Cave Eel
Big Net: Used to catch Mackerel, Cod, and Bass (This can catch items as well, and I will explain that soon.)
Fly-Fishing Rod & Feathers: Used to catch Trout and Salmon
Harpoon: Used to catch Tuna, Swordfish, and Shark
Lobster Cage: Used to catch Lobsters
Oily-Fishing Rod & Bait: Used to catch Lava Eel
Karambwan Vessel: Used to catch Karambwan

Runescape Fishing 2

Things that you can catch with your Big Net that is not fish Include:
- Boots & Gloves
- Seaweed
- Oyster Shell
- Casket

A lot of times, they are just useless things to be dropped, but sometimes you will get something that is worth the trouble.

Runescape Fishing 3

As you move through the levels of fishing, you will be able to fish for a wide array of fish.
I will now name all of the fish, what level you need to fish for them, and how many experience points (exp) you get per fish.

» Shrimp: Level: 1 Exp: 10
» Karambwanji: Level: 5 Exp: 10
» Sardine: Level: 5 Exp: 20
» Herring: Level: 10 Exp: 30
» Anchovies: Level: 15 Exp: 40
» Mackerel: Level: 16 Exp: 20
» Trout: Level: 20 Exp: 50
» Cod: Level: 23 Exp: 45
» Pike: Level: 25 Exp: 60
» Slimey Eel: Level: 28 Exp: 65
» Salmon: Level: 30 Exp: 70
» Giant Frogspawn: Level: 33 Exp: 75
» Tuna: Level: 35 Exp: 80
» Cave Eel: Level: 38 Exp: 80
» Rainbow Fish: Level: 38 Exp: 80
» Lobster: Level: 40 Exp: 90
» Bass: Level: 46 Exp: 100
» Swordfish: Level: 50 Exp: 100
» Lava Eel: Level: 53 Exp: 60
» Monkfish: Level: 62 Exp: 120
» Karambwan: Level: 65 Exp105
» Shark: Level: 76 Exp: 110
» Sea Turtle: Level: 79 Exp: 105
» Manta Ray: Level: 81 Exp: 115

Fishing can be very profitable if one desires it to be. A lot of times selling your fish raw can be more profitable than cooked. For those who want high cooking levels, they will buy mass amounts of raw fish and then keep cooking until they get the level they want, which is usually 99. Some people, however, will buy the fish cooked so that they can train. Although, the prices are a bit lower, if you can't sell it raw, then it's worth it. Prices reside solely on whom you are selling to. For a warrior, they will buy the lowest price they can every time. A lot of times, warriors will buy Tuna. It heals a fair amount and you can get mass quantities pretty cheap. Those who want to cook the fish themselves would rather spend more and get the best fish they can cook.

Runescape Fishing 4

Now that you know all you need to, go out there, and fish! I don't want to see you standing by a river asking "To fish, or not to fish?

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  1. jason

    hi this is jason and i play runescape i like to fish alot and it’s mainly wat i do for money i was wandering well should i fish swordies?or like lobs?ive herd tat if u fish at shilo u can get loads of xp but i wanna make some money.not like 100mill just like mabey 10mill wat should i fish my fishing lvl is 57

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