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RuneScape Fletching

October 7th, 2010 by admin

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Within the game of RuneScape, the fletching skill refers to anything related or connected to the making of bows and arrows. Naturally, this skill is great when combined with a ranged character, as the character will then become a self-sufficient one who is able to craft and use his own bows and arrows to fight overall. Another good compliment to this skill would be the woodcutting skill which will enable the character to also obtain the raw materials that he would need to engage in the fletching skill.

RuneScape Fletching Skill

There is also a side benefit when it comes to increasing the fletching skill: with it, the player will be able to train Magic as the materials that are provided by fletching have reasonably high alchemy prices to begin with.

Once a player has reached a sufficiently high fletching level, it then becomes possible to train the skill without spending any coins on it, though it is always a good idea to have a decent cushion of money so as to ensure that everything goes according to plan as you play.

If you are one of the many people out there who multitask while playing, then as a rule of thumb, fletchers normally watch out for the sound of three "plucks" of the log being strung to know when they are done. However, this noise is only attributed to unstrung bows and cannot be used to tell things about other aspects regarding to the fletching action. The reason behind waiting to hear the three plucks is that, generally, for every five logs that get fletched, the player will hear one plucking sound. And, as 14 is the most often used number in fletching (14 bowstrings and 14 of one type of log), three plucking sounds are normally heard.

Runescape Fletching Guide

If, however, you are simply cutting the logs you obtained with your knife, then it becomes a simple matter of waiting for the cutting animation sounds to finish before doing what needs to be done. At higher fletching levels, the skill can be trained without losing any coins whatsoever, although a decent amount of working capital can be very useful. Fletching Bows

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If you have decided to take up this skill while playing RuneScape, here are a few of the tools you will need in order to be a successful fletcher:

  • The Knife: In order to change the wooden logs that you have obtained into unstrung bows, crossbows or arrow shafts, you will need a knife. Your very first one can be found in the Lumbridge Castle basement. Or, if you feel that going to the basement to get it is too much trouble or you have a bit of extra cash on hand, you can buy the knife in the Catherby general store for 25 coins. It is also possible to craft knives for your use provided you have the necessary skills. The knife is an essential tool for any adventurer, regardless of whether you decide to undertake the fletching skill or not anyway.
  • The Chisel: This item is used to cut gemstones an additional time in order to turn them into bolt tips that can then be affixed to your bolts.
  • The Hatchet: This is used to cut down trees to obtain logs, which are the basis for many of the objects made through the fletching skill.

Other than these basic must-have objects, you will find that you will need a plethora of other equipment that can be found or made over the course of your game, all of which will enable you to undertake this most worthwhile of skills.

Runescape Fletching 99 Skill

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