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May 31st, 2007 by admin

Mining is Runescape is one of the most loved and practised skills. Who wouldn't love hitting rocks all day, finding rare gems, and dumping ore into your bank, then going back to chip at those rocks all day? No, seriously, mining is a big money maker in Runescape, especially when you hit those high-levels.

The mining skill is pretty interesting. The greater you increase in level, the greater variety of ores you have to mine, and the greater variety of pickaxes you can use increases. Also, certain ores that were pretty time-consuming for you to mine previously become easier and easier to mine as your mining level increases.

Here is a table explaining what pickaxes you're able to use at certain levels:

Pickaxe --- Level to Use
Bronze Pickaxe --- 1
Iron Pickaxe --- 1
Steel Pickaxe --- 6
Mithril Pickaxe --- 21
Adamant Pickaxe --- 31
Rune Pickaxe --- 41

You also have a variety of ores your able to mine at different levels. For example, at level 1 you can only mine Rune Essence, Clay, Copper and Tin. At level 10 you can mine Blurite and Limestone, and at level 15 your open to mine the wonderful ore Iron. There are obviously many more different ores you can mine at greater levels, but it'd take a real long time to list them all.

There is always a great demand for certain ores, and that's because the mining skill is entwined with the smithing skill. Smithing allows people to use ores, smelt them in a furnace to make metal bars, and then smith those metal bars in order to create various pieces of armour and weaponry. There are a lot of people in the world of Runescape who craft their own armour instead of having to spend a lot of money buying it. There are even some who can craft Rune armour as well!

It's very important to find good places to start mining, the better places are usually nearer to the banks for easy depositing to save time. One good mining place to start out is the mines that are south-east of Varrock (with the closest bank being the east Varrock bank).

In merchanting, many people prefer to merchant ores because of this massive demand for them. For example, coal is a supplement to ores which is necessary when smelting to get steel, mithril, adamant and runite bars; and so it has an absolute massive demand and so people merchant coal because of this. Experience coal miners can usually make a lot of gold pieces supplying this demand for coal.

Overall, mining is a very popular skill and easy to get into. To begin all you really need is a pickaxe and some time. The rest will follow! -:)

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11 Responses

  1. Matt

    Has mining gotten slower? It’s been a while since I did much in RS, but when I logged in recently, it seemed as though mining now takes much longer. What was once annoyingly tedious is now incredibly frustrating.

    My character has pretty decent mining levels (getting pretty close to 60), but mining coal now takes even longer than it did. I see that RS has beefed up the mining animation, but I would gladly trade the more elaborate animation for quicker mining.

    I am thinking of giving my character away, it is so incredibly vexing.

  2. Anonymous

    If the matt that posted a comments last name is twigg, then i may know you.

  3. ~M

    Mining has always been a rather slow skill. My Mining is about level 85, and it still takes me about four or five hits to mine coal. Patience is key here.

  4. mailboy1391

    mining is slowest skill ever made (except for agility) go to fally and buy stouts for faster mining guys :) my friend mines runite and i get paid 30k for 5 runite ore he mines under my watch

  5. flaka66

    min lvl61

  6. hobo

    i will also leave you with some money. aroud 1-2m if u are lucky 5m

  7. u$$$manre

    mining is somthing cool,:), but now, it takes so long, that im thinking of quitting runescape,bye the way, my mining lvl is 43, i wana mine rune!!!!!!!!!

  8. demiwarlock

    i mine coal and iron then i smealt steal and sell by the ks but no matter what guide i go to i dont see ppl suggesting that is it a bad idea or am i just smart??? (prolly not option 2 :3) )

  9. Runescapeisokay

    Mining,I always hated that skill. It takes so long to mine but when each time I think of how people managed to get 85 mining, I feel motivated and determined. The worst thing is that I give up as soon as I start mining as it is so tedious but after a short period of time, I deside to persevere and this cycle repeats itself until I decided to go training and try other various ways to make money on runescape. I’ll show you some…….

    1) Picking or buying flax and spinning them into bowstrings. Sell them in G.E(Grand Exchange)and get a nice profit of 100k+ per 1k bowstrings

    2) Green dragon slaying….
    (or if you are tough enough,you may kill other dragons or even KBD(King Black Dragon).Pick up their hides and bones and sell them in G.E. About 50k+ an inventory I think :-) But while fighting green dragons in the wilderness,be careful of revenants.They could tele-block you and even freeze you!If you ever encounter it, RUN!!!!!!(unless you want to take a challenge…) Buy some rings of dueling and games necklaces. Teleport to clan wars and find your way to the green dragons. If you have full inventory of green dragonhides and dragon bones, teleport to castle wars and bank.Repeat the process.

    3) Smithing ……..
    Buy 1k of iron ores and 2k of coals at maximum price in G.E and smith them to steel bars. Sell them at a market price in World 2 for 600k+
    If you can, smith them into cannonballs for an even greater profit.Great places to smith is:Al Kharid, Port Phatymus, Edgeville (Must have varrock armour 1 and above)

  10. cameroon

    the best way that i have found to make money in runesccape is buy mining and selling rune essence. trust me. i made my first 100k doing this at a realy low level

  11. another matt

    May 6th, 2009 at 6:13 am
    the best way that i have found to make money in runesccape is buy mining and selling rune essence. trust me. i made my first 100k doing this at a realy low level

    ~for a lot of people 100k is nothing to make you could run air runes and get it a lot faster than mining rune essence. Another thing is it only gives 5xp per ess so you will be there forever mining it and not getting much better. The new resource dungeon in dwarven mines lets you easily make anywhere from 150k-300k and hour mining iron (which gives 35xp) so you will get about 45k-55k exp per hour also so your rune essence method is for new players that dont know their way around the game and want to waste their time helping higher players get essense

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