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Runescape Smithing

June 6th, 2008 by admin

Runescape Smithing

Ever wanted to make your own armor and weapons? Well, good news, you can! Just take a swing at Runescape Smithing. With Runescape Smithing, you can make anything from Bronze to Rune. This can get very rewarding if you work hard and get 99 smithing. A few seconds' smithing full rune, and BAM you just made 200K. (If the price is still the same when you sell it.) So lets go into what you have to do to "smith".

Runescape Smithing 2

There are two ways to use the skill of smithing. It could either mean making bars from ore, or making armor, weapons, and so forth out of the bars. If you're talking about making bars, it's called smelting. You can smelt about eleven different bars. Rune, Adamantite, Mithril, Gold, Steel, Elemental, Silver, Iron, Blurite, Lunar, and Bronze. Each of these different metals have to have a certain level to be able to smelt them, and they give different amounts of experience points. In addition, they have to have the right combination of ore. All this can get a bit confusing, so let me make you a chart.

» Rune - Level 85 Exp: 50 Combination: 1 Rune 8 Coal
» Adamantite - Level 70 Exp: 37.5 Combination: 1 Adamantite 6 Coal
» Mithril - Level 50 Exp: 30 Combination: 1 Mithril 4 Coal
» Gold - Level 40 Exp: 22.5 Combination: 1 Gold
» Steel - Level 30 Exp: 17.5 Combination: 1 Iron 2 Coal
» Elemental - Level20 Exp: 7.5 Combination: 1 Elemental 4 Coal
» Silver - Level20 Exp: 13.7 Combination: 1 Silver
» Iron - Level15 Exp: 12.5 Combination: 1 Iron
» Blurite - Level 8 Exp: 8 Combination: 1 Bluerite
» Lunar - Level1 Exp: None Combination: 1 Lunar
» Bronze - Level1 Exp: 6 Combination: 1 Copper 1 Tin

Remember, Iron has only a 50% chance of smelting. This means half the time it's going to fail. If you wear a Ring of Forging, you will get a 100% chance of smelting iron. The rings have 140 uses, so that means 140 iron bars. If you get your Steel Gauntlets enchanted into Goldsmith Gauntlets, you will get 56.2xp per gold bar smelted. A lot better than the 22.5 exp you get normally.

Runescape Smithing 3

Now, that we have covered that, let's talk about Dwarven Stouts. These are drinks that increase your smithing and mining stats by one point. You can also get a Mature Stout, which will increase those levels by two points. This means, if you are level 83 smithing, and you drank a Mature Stout, you would have 85/83 and thus be able to smith rune. The stouts only increase your levels for a limited time. If you were to go to Falador, their pub sells these drinks along with some others like Wizards Mind Bomb, which raises your magic by one point.

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Let's move onto turning those bars into armor and weapons. Grab a hammer and go to an anvil with some bars. Use one of your bars with the anvil, and it will pop up a menu with all of these different choices. If it's a white name with a number of bars in green, you have everything you need to make it. So just click, or right click and select how many to make. When I'm making bulk items, I usually just type 99 and let it smith until it can not anymore.

Every item you make gives experience. I will make a huge chart of the different metals and what you can smith and their exp.

Whew, there ya have it! As I said above, Smithing can be a great way of making money. Steel and up are great money-making metals. In fact, the steel bars themselves goes for about 300gp each! So, get out there and smith!

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3 Responses

  1. ESV

    steel bars are actually 623 gp each. smelting never gives good xp except if ure doing gold ores with the gloves. Forging gives great xp but it is too costly to buy all bars. Good smithers are always also good miners.

  2. john

    I agree. Smithing can make very good money. With just level 30 Smithing, you can make steel bars which sell 600+ each. That’s a way i make money.

  3. Joel

    Yes, making steel bars (620 gp+) and mithril bars (1,200 gp+) are good ways of making money. Getting the loads of coal is always a pain though, let alone the mithril for mithril bars.

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