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Runescape Woodcutting

June 12th, 2008 by admin

Runescape Woodcutting

If you're trying to make some fast cash, Runescape woodcutting can be a great choice. It's fast, easy, and rewarding. Before you head out there swinging your bear fists trying to knock down a tree, let's talk about axes. There are eight different types, which include Bronze, Iron, Black, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune, and Dragon. Of course, you must have a certain level to be able to wield these. The level differences go like this:

» Bronze: 1
» Iron: 1
» Steel: 6
» Black: 6
» Mithril: 21
» Adamant: 31
» Rune: 41
» Dragon: 61

Sometimes your axe will break, and then you have to pay money to get it fixed. (There is a scam out there where they tell you to give them your broken axe and they will fix it. This is a sure way to loose that pretty rune axe of yours.) I will make a chart to show how much it is to fix each axe.

» Bronze: No charge.
» Iron: No charge
» Steel: No charge.
» Black: 10gp
» Mithril: 18gp
» Adamant: 43gp
» Rune: 427gp
» Dragon: 1,800gp

Runescape Woodcutting 2

Therefore, it's not really that much at all to fix a broken axe. There are quite a lot of trees in Runescape. When woodcutting, whether power cutting or for gp, you have to know your trees. If your power cutting, you will have to know how much exp it is per log, so that you could figure out the best tree. If you were cutting for gold, then you would have to know how much gp it is per log. There are too many for me to name how much gp each and every log is, but I can at least make a chart for the exp.

» Regular or Evergreen: 25 exp.
» Dead: 25
» Achey: 25
» Scrapey: 25
» Kharidian Cactus: 10
» Light Jungle: 32
» Oak: 37.5
» Medium Jungle: 55
» Willow: 67.5
» Teak: 85
» Dense Jungle: 80
» Swaying: 1
» Maple: 100
» Hollow: 82.5
» Mahogany: 125
» Arctic Pine: 40
» Dream: 37
» Yew: 175
» Magic: 250

Runescape Woodcutting 3

Now let's talk about other ways to get woodcutting exp other than cutting logs. If you are brave enough, head down to Tai Bwo Wannai with a machete and start hacking away at the jungle. Be sure to bring Anti-poison! Although dangerous, it does give exp. Lets talk about the different machetes.

Regular - none
Opal - 300 Trading Sticks, 3 Opals cut/uncut, 1 Gout Tuber Plant
Jade - 600 Trading Sticks, 3 Jades cut/uncut, 1 Gout Tuber Plant
Red Topaz - 1200 Trading Sticks, 3 Red Topaz cut/uncut, 1 Gout Tuber Plant

Runescape Woodcutting 4

The Regular machete does not cost any Trading Sticks, which is the Tai Bwo Wannai's money. In addition to the Trading Sticks, you will also need other items.

Every now and then, a Bird's nest may pop out. If you're a farmer, this is like a dream come true because usually they will have an acorn inside! If you're not a farmer, you could crush it down with a Pest and Mortar then mix it up and make a Saradomin's Brew. If you wear a Rabbit-Foot Necklace, it will increase your chances of getting a Bird's Nest.

You can also use Canoes, they are quick to get around and give some good experience points. You can make four different Canoes, which are Log, Dugout, Stable Dugout, and Waka. Each takes you a further distance than the last.

The log, which is the first canoe you can make, requires 12 wood cutting and gives 30 experience.
The second canoe, the Dugout, is level 27 and gives 60 exp.
The third is the Stable Dugout and its level 42 with 90 exp.
The Waka is level 57 to use and 150 exp.

Now you know all you need to know about woodcutting so get out there and make me proud! Haha, Happy Chopping!

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