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How to Keep your Account Safe 2

March 14th, 2008 by admin

I'm sure we have all heard people say they have been hacked at least once. Usually they are lying to get free items or gold. This does not mean that there are still not hackers out there. The best way to secure your account is never to give out your password to anyone. But, this is not always going to work. There are other ways of protecting your account even if someone happens upon your password.

One way would be to set recovery questions. This way, if someone changes your password, you can get it back. But by then, your account could be drained of all of its items. So this is not a good thing in that way. But, you can protect items in your bank by setting a bank PIN. You can do this by going to a banker and talking to them about it.

How to Keep your Runescape Account Safe

Once you get to the pin screen, you will see this:

How to Keep your Runescape Account Safe 2

Click Set a bank Pin and click yes I really want to set a bank pin. I will never forget it.

How to Keep your Runescape Account Safe 3

Then you can punch in any 4 number combo. Nevertheless, find a way so that you will remember it. Writing it down is not the best way, as someone can find the paper trail and steal it. If you have to use paper, then hide it somewhere where no one would think to look.

This would be an example of a safe account: A password that would be very hard to guess, recovery questions that only you would know, and a bank pin that's hard to guess. Although it is rare for an account to be hacked by a random person, it can be. They will spend endless hours typing random passwords until they find one that's correct.

Still want more protection? Try going to the Stronghold of Security. It will teach you some valuable info on how to keep your account safe, while earning a good reward at the same time! If you're not sure where the Stronghold of Security is, it's in the middle of Barbarian Village, where you mine rocks. It will say Climb-down Entrance. It can get a bit dangerous down there; you might want to bring food. But it's worth it to know that your Dragon Dagger Poisoned (++) is safe from those very few who would steep so low as to rip off another player.

How to Keep your Runescape Account Safe 4

Remember to always report when you think someone is going to scam, or try to get another player's password. I've been in many scams before, where I've lost over 90,000 gp in items. A couple of examples of scams are, "Hey dude, check this awesome glitch out! If you say red:yourpassword it will block it out and you will get 50k!" or "This is a trust game, trade me items and I will trade them back, whoever trades the most worth of the items wins!" for the trust game, they will wait till it's a very valuable item and then log out.

Remember, everyone you meet in a game that says they are your friend may not be. If they have your password, they can cause you to lose your account or be banned permanently. Some players might just wish to find an account they can use to scam others, knowing it will be banned, in order to transfer their scammed items into their account. Then the person that owned the account would be out of luck since his or her account was the one that was caught scamming.

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3 Responses

  1. eeegulu

    bank pins and stuff don’t really work. i was on my friend’s account and i managed to access his bank without using his pin. (all i did was say i didn’t know the pin and it deleted a week later)

  2. admin

    I ound the anti skam guide usefull and was wondering if i could use the info for mine. i will not use the pictures and write in my owns words just the ideas email me back asap plzzz.

  3. Responsible Blogging at its Finest (Gnarfard)

    Bank pins work, but people have pin crackers for stuff like that

    That is why you should log in daily and if someone is logged into your account, immediately delete your cookies and spyware clean your system, and then send a query to Jagex customer support.

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