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Places to Train in Runescape

January 18th, 2009 by admin

There are many places in Runescape to train, from the Cows in Lumbridge to the Minotaurs in the Stronghold of Security. You can train anywhere there are monsters to kill. So, where to train is not the question. The question is, what to train on. The answer depends on you. There are many variables in what to train on.

The biggest is, what are you looking to gain? If its levels, you want something that is an easy kill so you get more experience points for your time. However, if you are after items, simply kill the thing that gives the best drops. (For this, usually you will need a lot of food, because they will hit you very hard.) One of the best monsters in my opinion for getting levels is the Goblin.

Lumbridge Map

They are fast to kill, give a fair amount of experience points, and hit very low when they attack (train attack runescape for all other guides). This makes Goblins the prime monster to fight when you are trying to level up. Goblins can be found all over Runescape. Now if you are looking for items, the Greater Demons have excellent drops. They can be found at the back of the wilderness. As I said, training in Runescape is about what you want to train on, that alone decides where to train.

Runescape Minotaur

I used a mixture of Goblins and Minotaur when I was leveling my attack to level 60. They were close by in the Stronghold of Security, so when I felt I was not leveling as fast on the Goblins, I went to Minotaur.

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4 Responses

  1. Chris

    ok this is a question for who ever wrote whats up^ there because i am training on what you said and it works buuuut i’m not leveling up anymore and i’m level 26 and you are past 60 i need to hear more places to train.

  2. i know stuff

    if you want to train………then i say just stay in the stonghold and keep killing minotaurs beeeecause they drop uber loads of iron and bronze arrows i went there with 24 trought and was cb lvl 25 i came out with cb lvl 4 and over 2000 iron arrows and 700 bronze.
    ps i was there for about two days minotaurs dont hit much.

  3. b1ing boy

    i dont understand if ur lvl 50 and above just go train on mossys im lvl 123 and i trained on mossy and lessers but whne i was 1-8 i traied on goblins and 8-30 minotaurs then30-49 on greywolves then 50-69 on mmossys 69+ on lessers ps i have 267mil.

  4. Mrsgr

    aren’t hill giants good to train on there big bones are 600+ and occasionally drop limpwurt roots which are 1000+

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