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Runescape Abyssal Demons

December 27th, 2008 by admin

There are many types of monsters in Runescape. From the smallest rat to the King Black Dragon. Today we are going to focus on a monster that could make you millions with just one drop. Yes, today we are learning about Runescape Abyssal Demons. First, let's talk about their drops.

Runescape Abyssal Demons

The most known is the Abyssal Whip, it is a rare drop, but not as rare as some. You are more likely to get an Abyssal Whip than a Rune Spear. Let me make you a chart of drop in order from least rare to most rare:


» Crimson
» Blue
» Green
» Gold


» Steel Battleaxe
» Black Sword
» Black Axe
» 20 Adamant Javelins
» 5 Rune Javelins
» Abyssal Whip
» 42 Rune Arrows
» 150 Steel Arrows
» Rune Spear
» Rune 2H Sword
» Rune Battleaxe
» Dragon Spear


» Mithril kiteshield
» Rune medium helmet
» Rune chainbody
» Rune square shield
» Rune kiteshield
» Dragon medium helmet

Runescape Abyssal Demons 2


» 7 Blood runes
» 10 Chaos runes
» 50 Air runes
» 3 Law Runes
» 67 Nature runes
» 45 Death runes
» 45 Law Runes


» Lobster
» Coins
» Chaos talisman
» Nature talisman
» Cosmic talisman
» various Gems
» Defense potion (3)
» Various Herbs
» Adamantite bar
» Level 3 Clue Scroll
» 60 noted pure essence
» Half key
» Runite bar
» 100 Noted silver ore
» Dragonstone
» Dragon shield left half
» Abyssal demon head

Runescape Abyssal Demons 3

Therefore, as you can see, you could make a fortune on the drops alone. The Abyssal Demon is defiantly a demon, and therefore has a weakness against Silverlight and Darklight. It has a combat level of 124. This explains why it has such good drops. Apart from Silverlight and Darklight, it also has a weakness against magic. The Abyssal Demon hits very low considering their level, with a max hit of only eight damage. This makes them a excellent target when using Dharok's or Guthan's sets, because of the low risk of dyinh.

The Abyssal Demons possess a special ability. This ability allows the demon to teleport around the room. This can make it tricky to kill if you are trying to use meelee.

Among many slayers, the Abyssal Demon is the ultimate goal to reach. Mainly because of the Abyssal Whips that they drop, which most players in Runescape will claim is the best weapon in the game. This means that it is always on demand in the Grand Exchange, and it will sell well.

Runescape Abyssal Demons 4

If you are looking to find the Abyssal Demons, they can easily be found at the top of the Morytania Slayer Tower, and in the depths of the dark Abyssal Area. (Which is not the Abyss by the way.) Only players with level 85 slayer can fight these monsters and get their glorious drops. If a player that does not have level 85 slayer tries to kill an Abyssal Demon, they will be dealt 10 damage almost instantly.

Random Facts about the Abyssal Demon

If you bring an Abyssal Demon Head to the Taxidermist in Canfis, they will tell you that "It's still glowing" and the effect is preservable with magic. Even though this is said, neither the living or the stuffed versions of the Abyssal Demons glow.

During the time of the Smoking Kills quest, all of the other Slayer monsters received graphical updates, while the Abyssal Demon did not.

Abyssal Demons look a lot like Shifters in the Pest Control mini game. Shifters also teleport during battle. Could there be a connection? You can look tips page.

The Abyssal Whip is going for about 1,400,000 gp (minimum) on the Grand Exchange. These prices go up and down daily, so if you want to know what the price is today, go look.

Now you know all there is to know about the Abyssal Demons, you know their Strengths, their Weaknesses, their drops, everything! So why not get out there and fight one, haha! Happy Playing!

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  1. x9tailedfox

    hey i think this is kool to kno since i am poor and i am only lvl 80 and i can own blue dragons i might try out these abyssal demons and see how many whips i get….thanx for the help man seya around

  2. Abou222

    Just to add…

    x9tailedfox you have to be 85 slayer to kill these. At your level i suggest green dragons instead of blues. Even though they can get full it rakes in the money.

  3. Connor

    Yes, I agree you should go to green dragons instead of blue. They can get crowded, so I reccomend you bring a cannon (if you don’t have one buy one or make money at green dragons until you have enough money). The cannon will most likely annoy the other players. I very highly reccomend you DO NOT go into a PvP world. The whole area will probably be empty. However, you do have a high chance of someone casting a freezing spell and/or a teleport block.

  4. joeninetyjc

    i do not agree with the part that says abysall whip is considered as 1 of the greatest weps in the game it is good but not the best i have found this helpfull though

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