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Runescape Chat Effects

June 3rd, 2008 by admin

Did you know that you could change the colors and add animations or effects to your text? I'm sure you have seen someone do this at some point in the game. A lot of times, people use this tip to draw attention to things they are selling. In any of these colors, animations, or effects, they code always goes before the message.

First, I will name the colors I know.
» Red
» Cyan
» Purple
» White
» Green
» Purple

An example would be; "red: Zammy owns you!!!" or "cyan: Saradomin Pwns you!!!". Now I will name the effects and what they do.

Runescape Chat

glow1: Text fades red to blue.
glow2: Text fades red to purple to blue.
glow3: Text fades white to green to blue.
flash1: Text cycles red to yellow quickly.
flash2: Text cycles blue to cyan quickly.
flash3: Text cycles green to light green quickly.

Now I will name the animations;

Slide: Text slides from top to bottom.
scroll: Text scrolls right to left.
shake: Text shakes up and down.
wave: Text waves up and down.
wave2: Text waves slowly from left to right.

Runescape Chat 2

You could mix these together and get many different colors. Some examples would be;

Cyan: scroll: <>< <>< <>< Fishie! <>< <>< <><
Green: wave: ~~~~~~OCEAN! ~~~~~
flash3: slide: bsell 100K for all!

You can have a lot of fun with these Runescape Chat Effects. If you're bored fishing, then why not try the first or second example I put there. It gets everyone pumped up and ready to fish more! Using it for selling is also a good trick. If you have 40 people there, typing all yellow text and you put red: Selling full rune! You're going to get noticed. The idea with selling is to get the word out, and if you use a red text in an ocean of yellow, which is going to get read first, all the yellow, or the red words? The red ones of course.

Runescape Chat 3

I really like the scroll: animation. You can do quite a few things with it. I will name some of my favorite things for it.

The animation scroll: makes the words scroll across the screen going from left to right. Therefore, if you make things face that way, it looks like they are walking, swimming, or flying.

If you fishing, of course making a big long stream of <>< can be fun. Something like this:

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

I like to leave a little space so that it has one last fish trailing behind the group.

I also like to make what looks like Kirby. There are many you could make of him, so let me show you them.

< (^. ^<) (>^. ^<) < (^. ^)> (>^. ^)> These are the most common. Therefore, if you were to take the first one and add some words you would get something like this:

< (^. ^<) ~KIRBY! ~

This would scroll across the screen and look awesome. There are a lot of little things you can make using text, and far too many to name. Some of the more common ones are; =), :) , = (, :( , and so on. As I said, I could spend loads of hours here writing all the faces you can make using the = and : signs.

Runescape Chat 4

Now that you have a basic idea of chat colors, effects, animations, and a few emotions, why not go out and try them? Who knows, you might even invent some of your own!

Happy Playing!

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