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Runescape Strength Training

August 9th, 2008 by admin

To do well in melee you are going to need good Strength levels. These levels can be obtained by using the Aggressive attack style while training. There are also many different ways to temporarily boost your Strength.

Runescape Strength Training

If you are going to train to get your levels, I would suggest killing goblins. They are quick to kill and give a fair amount of experience points. It is always better to kill something fast and get smaller exp. than take longer to kill something and get more.

Let's say that I go kill a goblin, it will take about 2 to 3 hits and its dead, and I will get around 40 experience. It only takes about 2 seconds, then I am on to another, and it keeps going on and on getting 40 exp. per kill.

Runescape Strength Training 2

Now say I go kill a Minotaur. It takes me 7 hits and I get 50 experience points. That's only 10 more than a goblin, and it takes way longer. I could kill 3 goblins in the time it takes to kill 1 Minotaur!

Runescape Strength Training 3

You can also get Strength experience points in quests. These quests include;

» Scorpion Catcher = 6,625 strength xp
» Heroes Quest = 3,075 strength xp
» Tai Bwo Wannai Trio = 2,500 strength xp
» Haunted Mine = 22,000 strength xp
» In Search of the Myreque = 600 strength xp
» Dragon Slayer = 18,650 strength xp
» Roving Elves = 10,000 strength xp
» Troll Romance = 4,000 strength xp
» In Aid of the Myreque = 2,000 strength xp
» Monkey Madness = 20,000 or 35,000 strength xp
» Waterfall Quest = 13,750 strength xp
» The Fremennik Trials = 2,812 strength xp

There are also various ways to give quick boosts to your Strength; this is very useful if you are suddenly attacked. One way is through the Prayer skill. There are three different prayers that will boost your Strength; these are the Burst of Strength, Superhuman Strength, and Ultimate Strength. Each give a certain percentage boost, ranging from 5 to 15.

Runescape Strength Training 4

Another way is drinking Potions. The most commonly known potion is the Strength Potion. This will boost your Strength anywhere from 3 to 12 levels. Then there is the Super Strength Potion which will boost anywhere from 5 to 19! The Zamorak Potion is one of the lesser known potions, it will give a boost anywhere from 3 to 11.

You can also drink Beer to increase your strength, but it will take away from your attack. A normal glass gives a boost of 4, and takes 8 attack away. If you were to drink a Keg of Beer, you would have an increase of 7 in strength, but with a great decrease of attack.

You can also get bonuses by what sort of sword and armor you wear. For instance, if you were to wear Rune Gloves, you would get a bonus of +8. A Dragon Two-Handed Sword will give you a bonus of +93!

If you were to wear a Dragon Longsword, a Berserker Necklace, a Fire Cape, Barrows Gloves, Rune Boots, an Obsidian Shield, the Helm of Neitiznot, and the Bandos Chestplate, besides looking completely ridiculous you would have a total strength bonus of +108! There are many not so crazy looking ways to boost your Strength Stat, this was just an example.

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