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July 25th, 2008 by admin

Over the years, I have heard hundreds upon hundreds of Runescape Wilderness tips. A lot of them have just been repeated over and over until the information is just common knowledge. So first I will share what I do when I plan to PK, then I will move on to some other Runescape Wilderness tips.

When I am preparing to go to the wilderness I first will put on a Rune platebody, some Rune Platelegs, and a Rune Scimitar. These are my "three things" that you cannot loose unless you're skulled. Then I head over to the Grand Exchange and buy about 100 Tuna Fish. They are cheap, and heal a fair amount of health. I will grab any other items I may need and then fill the rest of the inventory with the Tuna. Normally I am venturing out there to kill Greater Demons, and the rules pretty much are the same for when I am PKing. I almost never attack someone. That will get you skulled and then you risk it all. However, if you can find someone, normally they will attack you. If they do not attack you right off, brag about how nooby they are and tell them to prove their power. Anything you can to get them skulled and not you. Now, if you see a guy with about half of his health bar down, and you know you can beat him, go ahead and attack. But be weary, you never know who is lurking in the shadows.

Runescape Wilderness

Now let me give you some tips I have heard through the ages.

Back when I was a lower level, I said I was going to go PKing, and they told me to wait and get level 25 prayer. This will allow you to keep one extra item. I really don't use this prayer anyways, but it's a good skill to have just in case. I have also heard that even if you have a skull on your head it will protect an item. I will have to look into this; maybe I could have been saving all those rune scimitars I lost, Haha.

Runescape Wilderness 2

I would recommend getting about 45 prayer so that you will be able to use protection spells incase of an attack. Once they see that little symbol pop up, they will know they are doomed.

If you can get a group of friends that you can trust, group PK's are definitely the best. I remember once I was out in the wilderness and all of a sudden on my map a flood of people, probably at least 70 of them were rushing at me. They were all in pink skirts and I was dead so fast that they all didn't even get there yet.

Another good idea would be to wear ranger's armor if you're a meelee. You would be safe from Mages, and a lot of PKers are mages now. But you might want to keep a spare plate body, just incase some ranger came out of the darkness.

If you have ever heard of the Muddy Chest and you are wondering where it is in the Runescape Wilderness, then you have come to the right place. The Muddy Chest can be located in the Lava Maze right in the center. Watch out for the Lesser Demons that prowl around there. The chest can be opened by one key, and only one key. The key is called the Muddy Key. You can obtain one from killing the Chaos Dwarfs. The chest will contain random items such as an anchovy pizza, an uncut gem, so on so fourth.

Runescape Wilderness 3

Now, that you know some tips about the Runescape Wilderness, why not get out there and try them? Never know what you will find out there. Happy PKing, haha.

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  1. Harris

    The wild is a real pain you more often lose your items then gain them. Even when you win the fight. It costs you money most of the time.

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